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Mysterious Lights and Sounds in High Mountain, NJ

I came across the following odd newspaper article from 1885 that describes weird lights & sounds occurring in, what is currently, the High Mountain Park, NJ area (near Wayne, NJ):

The Bucks County Gazette, Bristol, Pennsylvania - 30 April 1885

Uncanny Sounds Heard and Mysterious Lights Seen by the Valley Residents

Superstitious residents of the regions known as Preakness, Haledon, and other suburbs hemmed in by the lofty hills known as High mountain, writes a Patterson, N.J., correspondent to the New York World, place extra bolts on their doors now o’ nights are are careful to be indoors “after hours.” Numbers of superstitious ones, and some who are not superstitious by any means, are willing to make affidavits that they have heard uncanny sounds proceeding from the heights, and nearly every body in the vicinity who has been near the foot of the mountain after dark will vouch for the statement that mysterious lights have been seen flitting to and fro up among the trees.

No soul lives there, and, as it is said that several murders have been perpetrated there, the villages state, with a solemn shake of the head, that “the devil is at work and no mistake,” and that there are “spooks on High mountain.”

A party of the braver and brawnier lads of the bailiwick endeavored to solve the mystery a few nights ago, but they soon returned with white faces and quaking limbs, and informed those in waiting by the stove of the place of rendezvous that it was all well enough for them to be sittin’ there toastin’ their shins and joken’, but if they wanted to find out anything about the spooks they had better make the trip themselves. Upon being mollified with “something hot,” they became more communicative, and related to their open-mouthed audience the following hair-curdling tale:

They said they had climbed to the top of the mountain, where the lights had been seen, when all at once they were surrounded by lights that jumped around them and climbed the trees and performed other acrobatic feats. Although they appeared to be right in the midst of the flames not a hair on their head was injured and their clothing wasn’t even singed. They smelled phosphorous just as plain as it could be smelled, and while they were wondering what to do next the wind whistled through the trees, producing such unearthly sounds that they came right straight away and let the wind have it all to itself.

Doubting Thomases in the audience plucked up courage and firearms enough to make the trip themselves and they, too, soon returned, looking as pale as the historical ghosts and shaking like rattle-boxes. Nobody showed a disposition to go home, and finally, when the host informed them that it was time to close up, they started off in a group and spent the night together by a hospitable neighbor’s fire rather than pass the mountain until daylight did appear.

Since then the phenomena have been witnessed by scores of those who were brave enough to approach within sight of the bleak and densely wooded mountain, and the matter has been the chief topic of conversation in the country stores, in the taverns, in the village schools, and has even been refereed to by the local dominies. The town hodlums are now free of going to the stores after dark, for their parents would not think of sending them where they would not go themselves. The jolly hosts of the roadside taverns are jolly no longer, or must be content to be jolly by themselves, for the loungers now lounge at home.

Old residents say that the same thing occurred just before the last cholera epidemic, and that the light presaged another visitation of that dread scourge. Scores of old timers are willing to wager on this, and prominent citizens are willing to encourage them in their belief, for it is on record that the same thing did occur in 1836, just before death stalked through this section of the country.

Reports from Pike county, Pennsylvania, say that the same phenomena have appeared there just as they did in 1836, and that the citizen of that place spend most of their night-times in their homes.

Citizens who pretend to be wise assert that the Pike county phenomena are caused by the escape of coal gas from the mountains, and that it is really no phenomenon at all, but is the result of natural causes. They also say that the mysterious lights on High mountin can be traced to the same cause, and are apparently honest in their belief that a vein of coal would be found by anybody taking the trouble to hunt for it. Â Should this prove true there is wealth in store for the gentlemen who own High mountain, but they will have to seek foreign aid to unearth it , for no native will go within gunshot distance of it since the experiences above related.

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Casting Out The Devil

New North, 'Rhinelander', Wisconsin - 12 October 1893

Description of the Operation, by a Believer

The possessed woman of [?] is cured now, not by the doctors, who were unable to do anything for her, but by the theological science of the cure of the parish and the firmness of Monsignor [?oux], Bishop of Versailles, which shows that exorcism has its reasons for existence and that “possession” is as real as hysteria. As a matter of fact, the church has never laid down her arms in the presence of the the devils.

There are four principal signs through which the possessed one is recognized. First, no known remedy relieves him; second, he speaks of incidents and facts beyond his natural reach, and which nobody has revealed to him; third, he foretells events and speaks several languages unknown to him before his affliction; fourth, in the presence of a priest and at sacred ceremonies he trembles, suffers pain, writhes and blasphemes.

The Catholic priests and especially the Dominicans have, from away back, practiced exorcism. According to the canons the exorcist belongs to one of the minor orders which precede the priesthood. He must be humble of heart in his ministry, and, if he operated with any thought of display, he risks for himself the contagion of the evil spirits that still remain to be cast out.

Ordinarily the ceremony takes place in the church in the presence of the faithful assembled at prayer, particularly at the feasts of the Nativity, of the Resurrection, of the Ascension, of Pentecost, of the Virgin Mary, and of the Apostles. After the morning mass, to which the possessed one assists, the exorcist puts on the surplice and assists the priest who puts on the violet colored cape, the symbol of the pains of Purgatory. The patient who has confessed then approaches. A stole is passed around his neck to tie the devils that have become the masters of his body. Then the sign of the cross is made upon him and he is sprinkled with the holy water. In Latin, the devil is commanded to tell his name, to say whether or not he is alone, and why he is there. Finally, he is ordered to depart. The conjuration in any other language, and especially in Hebrew, is useless. Hebrew is reserved for Satan himself.

The Flagelllum demonum contains the most complete formulas of exorcism, consisting of well-known prayers mingled with the most ancient and strangest appelations of God, such as Oh, Adonal Tetragrammaton, and others, which come in part from Chaldea, from Phoenicia, and from Greece. The words are supposed to possess in themselves a certain power of evocation of celestial virtues which terrify the infernal legions. The words of Christ, according to Saint Matthew, 1, 2, 3, are the most in use to drive out evil spirits.

If the demon does not retire immediately , the exorcist takes a painted image representing him and throws it into the consecrated fire along with incense [?] and sulphur with strong mystic odor, intending to prove by this act that he will send the evil back into his natural element, hell. This done, he places upon the head of the possessed one the Book, the Relles, the Crucifix, and sometimes even the Host, the last and invincible remedy. According to the authority of certain demonographs, the devil then comes out through the nose of the patient.

In the ancient monasteries they made the exorcist carry upon his person certain amulets containing protective formulas. Sometimes these formulas, written upon pieces of parchment, were swallowed. In the process of digestion he exorcism was accomplished without fatigue

In our days exorcism has taken refuge in La Trappa. The clergy are somewhat averse to it, while at the same time they do not refuse to admit it. The man who breaks the spells is very old. But the devils cast out by the good monks are reduced to the tormenting of animals. Pigs are their favorites. Then the old spell smasher whips them with beads and sprinkles them with holy water, and the pigs recover and become happy, because the devils go away.

J.K. Huysmans has been able to speak of the power of demons and the efficacity of exorcisms. Morever, the emiment writer was well acquainted with one of the most learned demongraphers of his time, the Abbe Bonlian, who ran through hell in his bare feet, and holding the Host in his hands.

Either the Church of Sancipt or the Church of Senneville I received this curious document from M. Gilbert Augustin Thieery, the author of [?] The cure of Petites Dalles, in curing the possessed, says a special mass, called the “red mass” or “mass of the martyrs.” Red flowers are placed upon the altar, and the priest wear a tredle. The church is draped in purple.

But, stranger still, a few years ago the wife of the editor of a leading Catholic journal in Paris, being troubled by evil spirits, witnessed the death of the Dominican priest who was endeavoring to exorcise her, and who was unable to guard himself against the forces with which he was contending. – Paris Figaro

NOTE: I'm fascinated by these early accounts of the supernatural and religion...especially the way it is described in the news. Though I'm not affiliated with a religious denomination, I am very spiritual. I have a keen interest in early religions, practices and particular the Middle Ages. I was raised a Christian and subjected to various denominations through my family members (Amish Mennonites, Lutheranism, German Dunkards, Church of the Brethren). As a result, I feel my perspective on the subject is somewhat heterogeneous...Lon

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Contact From Beyond Is Possible

I received the following information from a reader. I am presenting it to you 'as is'...all statements and opinions are those of the writer:

Dear Lon,

I'm a follower of your newsletter and appreciate what you do for us everyday.

I have a few things that might interest you of your readers. I don't know if the things that are going on are coincidence, but it's awfully odd.

Several family members have seen what we figure is a shadow person. It's always seen in my basement right beside the electrical panel. The people who see it, are always afraid of it and they don't really have to be looking at it to know it's there, they can feel it watching them sleep. It seems that the shadow person cannot or does not leave the area, meaning it doesn't roam the basement, and it's doesn't come upstairs. If you would like to hear their accounts, let me know and I'll collect them for you to read. There is a lot of fear around this entity. All of the people who have come in contact with this entity say that it has very unsettling and scary energy.

I personally have seen out of the corner of my eye, something crossing my bedroom doorway, on many occasions. It's seems to be just a flash of a dark shadow that catches my attention, and it seems to go in a right to left direction. I try to ignore it, then it happens again but in the opposite direction. It sound weird for me to say, but it seems like a big dog, either a Doberman or a German Shepard. I'm not afraid of it, per se, but I am unsure of the feelings I'm getting from the situation. While it's happening I feel as if I'm being guarded, yet, as if the big dog doesn't want me to leave the room. Like as if it's guarding me and scaring me to stay in my bedroom. Some nights it happens many times, the feelings and the shadowy glimpses from the corner of my eye.

There's so many things happening here that you're gonna think I'm making this up, but I'm not, all of this is totally real!

We were going to change our patio sliding door because it was starting to get cloudy. We thought there was mold starting to grow inside the thermal layers. Two days after discussing the door replacement and coming to the conclusion that we were going to change it, something weird happened.

At first I thought it was really ridiculous, yet it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I came up my steps into my kitchen and saw the full patio door with the sunlight shining through it. It was white light because the cloudiness in the patio door softened it, made it glow. What I saw stopped me in my tracks and I just stood there for a minute looking at it. Stunned. It was a very clear depiction of a popular savior, Jesus (or at least how he's depicted in most images).

The image was super clear, I could even see his facial features, cloak, and more.

After awhile I decided to show people, and they were always left standing there with their mouths open, saying that it was a trick right and that I probably faked it somehow. The most interesting thing was watching the people's expression go from "what the F" to "oh my God!", and then for some reason, fear settles into their faces.

I decided to video this image and post it on my YouTube, to share with other and see what their opinion was about it. I got a few emails about it, and people are somewhat scared about it. People have warned me to "Be careful", some say its not from God, some say it is from God. One person asked me to pray for them in front of it, I thought that was so beautiful, and I did pray for them.

Personally, I feel a huge attraction to it, especially at sunset or sunrise, it glows with such an emotionally charged, beautiful light. It's stunning and somehow humbling at the same time. It can make you cry on occasion, it's so beautiful.

Now, most people say that it seems to be morphing into the Grimm Reaper, I can see changes, but the changes are strangely still adding to the image. The condensation hasn't destroyed the image after two years. In fact, the image has dries and seems kind of calcified onto the glass on the inside sealed layers. This is real, we have not faked this in any way. It is open for anyone to investigate!

I've included a video link so you can have an idea of what this looks like.

Apparition of Jesus image on inside sealed layers of thermal glass inside patio door:


Something I'm going to let you know right away is that I am adequate at remote viewing, scrying, and I also do regular EVP sessions inside my home. Is obviously something that's very risky and I totally understand that this activity is dangerous. I'm going very slowly with my psychic development, researching everything I do before actually attempting it.

I have had some success with EVP's, and amazing results with my water scrying sessions. Included, is this first photo. In this photo there are four pictures, one was taken using the water scrying method, the other three are actual photos. The woman in the photos (circled in red) is my mother, when she was in her 20's. she died back in 95, after a heart bypass surgery.

The image with the blue X is the one taken with water scrying method. Meaning I used water and emotion to bring about, or call up, the images. Although I didn't have any clue it was going to be my mother. Yet every time I do a session I hope to see her. I was totally in shock when I saw this familiar face pop up in one of my sessions. My mother has been dead for 18 years, I was happy to see this appear.


The next story is also a similar one. I was the mommy to six small breed dogs, last year one of my babies passed away. He was 13 years old, and in really great shape, except he had this weird cough that no vet could diagnose. He couched for about two years straight, yet was always a sweet active little guy.

He died in my arms in the early hours of the night April, 2012. It was a horrible and sad experience for us both. I felt his heart stop and restart about 5 times. Whenever he heard My daughters voice his heart started again. As if he didn't want to leave her. They were best friends and he adored her. His name was Baby.

I did some EVP sessions almost immediately after he died, hoping to get a response,there was none. I continued to do some more EVP's for the weeks following his death. Nothing.

One night I was doing a distance scry session for a client, I was really focused on her issues and seeing if I could bring something about for her, and that was quite successful and meaningful for her. But, all of a sudden something jumped out at me, it was my little dog, Baby!

The upper two photos are my dog and the lower two photos are the scrying images.

I thought your readers would like to have a glimpse into my world of beautiful surprises that have come to me, though remote viewing, scrying and EVP sessions.

I have written to you before but provided no real proof as to what I was claiming, but here you can plainly see that this is awesome. Please post my letter to show others it is possible to contact other dimensions.

Thank you Lon, for all that you do for us,

Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life. Dream Bigger!



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