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Channeling Robin Williams?

Even though the following article was published by the tabloid National Enquirer, I've heard other spiritual rumblings coming out of the entertainment world. Not only has comedienne Dana Carvey made claims of channeling Robin Williams, a supposed incident transpired on a closed studio set as well. During the taping of a well-known television sitcom, several of the cast & crew witnessed Williams' apparition manifest and move among the observers. This incident was communicated to me by a reliable source who works for the particular production company.

Actor Jeff Bridges revealed at a press conference for his film, ‘The Giver’ on August 12, that he actually thought he saw Robin Williams’ ghost, just hours after he died. “I remember pulling up to the Boathouse [in Central Park] where we had our party [for The Giver] and I’m sitting there with my wife, gathering myself and I look out of the window and I say, ‘What? Is that Robin? Is that his ghost? No! It’s Radioman,'”:

DANA CARVEY is telling pals he’s convinced there is life after death, because the spirit of his friend Robin Williams keeps appearing to him!

“Robin comes to me usually in a lucid dream state or during my meditation,” Dana told a pal. “He’s as big as life, happy and joking around, and telling me I should never worry about anything because it’s all beautiful in the end.”

Sadly, Robin committed suicide on August 11, 2014, at the age of 63.

Dana has good reason to worry about death – he survived a botched heart surgery in 1998. He filed a malpractice lawsuit and was awarded nearly $8 million in damages.

“Robin supported me when my health was bad, and he still supports me now,” Dana said. “Robin’s visits were a little spooky at first, but now I look forward to these little visits from my friend.”

Dana said he’s putting those visits to good use. Both his sons, Dex and Thomas, are starting out in stand-up comedy, and he seeks advice from a ghostly Robin.

“I go to bed with questions I want to ask Robin,” he divulged. “I’ll think about asking him about my kids’ careers and my health. When I wake up, I review those questions. The answers come to me in one of Robin’s character voices – it’s amazing!”

Dana admitted missing their carefree days when he and Robin honed their routines as young stand-ups. “We weren’t making a dime in those days, we were just having fun and when I see Robin in my dreams, it’s in those happy-go-lucky days,” he said.

“When he visits me, he’s happy, he’s young and, of course, he’s VERY outspoken.” - National Enquirer

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My Roommate's House

The following is an account I received several years ago:

Hi...I don't have any proof to validate the stories I am about to tell you other than my word. I can only relay my experiences and tell you a little about my background in hopes you won't think I'm off my rocker.

I haven't had dozens of paranormal experiences in my life. I haven't been abducted by aliens. I never had stories to tell around the campfire...but I sure do now.

I moved into a house last December 2009. My roommate has lived in the house her entire life off and on. The house was built by her grandparents in the 1920's. She and her sister both have had experiences in the house. She doesn't talk about it much because, hello! it can make you sound crazy rambling about ghosts and such. In fact, she never told me about her experiences before I moved in. Convenient, huh?

At least 2 people have died in the house. Her great grandmother and her grandfather. Some lumber used in the house was salvaged from a home that burned down. I don't know the details of the fire whatsoever or if anyone really does.

So, I moved in. My room is upstairs, hers is down. Now I know why...because sh*t goes down upstairs.

My First Experience - I awoke from a dead sleep in the middle of the night around 3am which I almost never do. I sleep like a rock. I immediately got the heebie jeebies. I lay still and listened. I heard a creaking on the stairs and I was thinking "Oh great, someone is in here and I'm going to die now."

I froze and listened. My cat, who sleeps on the bed with me at my feet, jumped up, and ran up behind my head. I was petrified. I just laid there still...listening. I eventually fell back to sleep. No one can get in my home without making A LOT of noise. They would have to crash down the door or break a window. So, I knew no one was really there.

The fact that the cat responded to the incident freaked me out a little. Since I had been asleep...I was still groggy and fell back to sleep rather quickly. Everything was normal the next morning.

The Second Incident - Now this one, I admit, just sounds I've seen The Exorcist one too many don't know me, but I'm not a liar and I don't make sh*t up.

It was pretty late...or early depending upon how you look at it. I was around 2:30am and I was reading before going to sleep. I had on my lamp, book in hand, and the cat was asleep in his spot.

All of a sudden the bed shook. It wasn't like the entire thing shook...the only thing I can liken it to is when you have an animal on the bed and they scratch and it shakes the bed. It felt like that and lasted about that long. Again, the cat was asleep...until this happened.

He jumped up and got down off the bed. He paced the room a couple of times staring and meowing at the ceiling. I didn't see anything. He jumped up on the desk to get closer and even put his front paws on the wall a couple of times. After about 20 minutes, he settled back down and went back to sleep. I, too, went to sleep.

Third Time's the Charm - The very next night...a bit earlier this time,around 11:30pm, I was reading in bed again. The cat was sleeping in his spot. It was the same scenario...just earlier. Again, the bed shook just like the night before. The cat looked up from his spot. The pupils in his eyes got large and he looked around a minute, and then laid his head down and went right back to sleep.

Most Recently - One night, I had been trying to go to sleep for a while after reading for a bit. The cat was...I dunno. He doesn't like his spot as well in the summer. I was laying on my left side facing the wall. I was almost asleep when I felt someone there behind me. Then I felt an arm beneath my shoulder. I never felt the hand slide in, it was just suddenly there. Then a gentle touch on my right side like where you might tickle someone in the ribs.

I thought it was my roommate at first telling me she was home from her 3rd shift job for some reason or other. At the exact same moment I went to roll back to ask if everything was okay, this guttural female voice said the same word three times quickly. It sounded like someone trying to talk with a bubble in their throat and the word sounded like "keyhole" or "guilt".

With the motion of my beginning to roll back, everything dissipated. I didn't feel the touch, heard was REALLY weird.

I lay still with my eyes closed listening for several minutes. I didn't want to open my eyes because I am really not trying to SEE anything. That would freak me out to no end. About 5 minutes after the incident, the cat assumed his position on the bed and I finally fell asleep. AT

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Hell House' Experience - Ilchester, MD

I was asked to post this report by the original investigator. Since I'm intimately familiar with the location, I agreed to post. The old college is in Ilchester, MD and sits on a high ridge overlooking the Patapsco River. It is actually 3 miles downstream from Ellicott City, MD. I have written about several locations up & down the river, including a few paranormal experiences. If interested in the history of the area, may I suggest you read The Patapsco: Baltimore's River of History

It was Friday, July 18th 2014 at 5pm. I was taking digital pics at the site of The "Hell House" (formerly St. Mary's College). This Historical Site in Ellicott City, MD is nationally known for its Paranormal / Supernatural Negative and Evil activity -- this is what peaked my site exploration curiosity, especially since it was very close to me now - I have a new job close by (about a 10 minute drive).

I took the pics of the "Hell House" Site you see on this webpage - the main building I later learned may have been torn down / a safety hazard to say the least. While following the faint and overgrown trail back to my car, I realized I must have walked about 30 minutes DEEP into a thickly wooded area, which is where I took the majority of these Site images. It was 85 degrees that day, humid, and there was no wind at all.....very relative info, as you read on......

Then -- it happened. About 1/2 way back through the quiet, peaceful (seeming) woods, I got the feeling that someone / something was following me -- I could hear a faint 'rustling' sound about 5 feet behind me. I stopped and turned around- nothing. As soon as I started walking again, same noise -- stopped and looked back - still nothing. Walked again, faster this time / looking back over my shoulder - heard the same noise, and realized it was coming from a tree leaf that was trailing me -- small and stiff / dry, and clearly the source of the noise. Easy to explain-- I must have walked into a spider web at some point, and the web was hanging from my leg or shoe, and caught the leaf and dragged it along -- the leaf was always at the same exact distance behind me, regardless of my speed ( normal walk to eventual heart racing, fast jogging! ) - yup, had to be a web.

This leaf was clearly 'following' my every move, like a child playing a game of 'Follow the Leader', or trailing something very fast moving (not me- I wasn't). With my hands, I cleaned off my pants and shoes, felt my shirt as well -- there was no web -- this leaf was not attached by anything -- that is a certainty. Walked again, head turned -- leaf 5 feet behind me, moving at my pace, stopping when I stopped. My heart raced -- could this be really happening? It was. I picked up the leaf - no web / anything attached to it. It's movement was tumbling and rolling along the old, cracked roadway like you would expect a leaf to move on a windy day, but this was the only leaf moving, and it did so in a perfectly straight line centered perfectly to my bodies location on the road. There was no wind during this 'event'. Using logic, I can not explain the cause.

I RAN back to my car, completely spooked out, carrying the "lifeless" leaf in my hand. It is now pictured on this website, in a sealed jar to stop the freaky, unexplained following in my footsteps. I went back the next day and marked the spot* where the leaf was finally picked up / last "moved", and added my initials S.M.

Steve Meyer - Ellicott City "Hell House" HAUNTED LEAF
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