Sunday, March 26, 2017

Perceptive Patriots

I believe the time has come for a group of perceptive patriots combine their collective consciousness & extrasensory gifts in order to help pave the way for nonpartisan inquiry into the Trump campaign & administration by the criminal investigative factions within the United States government.

It has become apparent that some members of the GOP and right-wing media are undertaking an obvious effort of providing political cover for President Donald Trump and producing spurious information in the attempt to deflect attention from possible acts of treason and criminal sedition by elements associated with the Trump campaign & administration.

This group of perceptive patriots should include socially liberal & like-minded members who possess psychic, omnipresence, remote sensing and mystic abilities.

A 'little push' or influence in the right direction may go a long way towards obtaining the truth & prosecuting those responsible. Your thoughts are encouraged.

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