Perceptions For 2017

2016 is now behind us. Not a good year for many of us...but I'm not going to dwell on the past. That being stated, what can we expect for 2017...and beyond?

I'm not going to make any political or social predictions, because I have no stomach for the back & forth bickering. But just this bit of thought...those who promote the negative side of human nature will, as those before, fade away and soon be forgotten. Anyone who knows Roman history will recognize the name Commodus (Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus), the 18th Emperor of the Roman Empire. I believe his story (and rule) will, to a certain extent, mirror much of what we can expect in the coming years. I had a terrifying vision of the Roman fasces (ax) a few nights after the election. This symbol represented magisterial or collective power. This troubles me, for obvious reasons.

I have never been particularly keen on prophecy and predictions...but I do occasionally receive vivid perceptions & strong intuition. As well, a little bit of common sense & instinct goes a long way:

1) I have a strong sense that a major UFO related event will occur in the Arctic, involving military intervention.

2) I perceived social upheaval and/or natural disaster in several countries/areas during 2017: Baja Peninsula - South Africa - France - Dominican Republic.

3) A major bridge disaster in the United States.

4) There will be a upsurge of Angel encounters throughout the world...Spiritualism increases in popularity

That's all I can come up with folks. May your 2017 be joyful and prosperous. Lon