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Our family is grateful for Lon Strickler's commitment and amazing insight. I would recommend his services to anyone who has a supernatural disturbance. His ability to pinpoint our problem and concerns was incredible. Thank you for being there. HH, Henrico County, VA


Some might have said I was a bit of a skeptic, when referring to paranormal or supernatural occurrences. That was until it became VERY REAL in our family. I watched my sister be torn apart by something that was not only affecting her mentally by bringing thoughts to her mind that were not her own, but also emotionally and physically. (Unknowingly speaking and writing words not of her language).

In our home there was an ongoing heavy feeling when you walk into the room or the coldness that was in different places at any given time. Let’s not forget the banging on the walls, the TV being turned on and off, lights being turned on, etc.

Our family had been trying to find help with the paranormal activities we were experiencing for a year and half before we found, “Spirit Rescue International” and met Lon. After much had been done through “SRI”, Lon chose to independently continue to help save our family from what was tearing us apart. From the very beginning, my sister and I were always finding people that said they would help but when things got bad or they got the evidence they wanted, they left. Lon is one of the few people who never did. Lon took our emails, Skype messages, and even phone calls all hours of the day. Let’s be honest, a lot activity occurred at night, late at night. He provided us with constant stability that meant, and still means, the world to us.

Lon sent positive energy in many forms our way. I knew very little about the energy within ourselves, until Lon helped us to understand the importance of it. He taught us how to consciously and unconsciously become in tune with ourselves. Even though I am still learning about the ways of “meditation” and the “chakra”, he provided the tools for me to do so.

During our journey protection was a much needed thing. We were guided with the tools and a better understanding of our Holy Guardian Angel. [I guess there was a reason I was drawn to “Tanzanite”, especially since I’m really not a fan of purple.]

Over the last several months, Lon was able to use all the gifts he has been blessed with to get us where we are today. He brought to light the abilities that members of my family have and what needed to be done to bring this long journey to a halt. Every day however will have to be conscious effort to bring more positive energy and less negative into our lives. It doesn’t really seem like a hard thing to do but when you think about things that could bring a type of negative energy there is a lot. For example: the car wont start, cant find your shoes that you know were by the door where you left them, the kids fighting as kids do, the stove being turned up to high and burning the food, the list could go on and on. But the thing is now, I am able to recognize those things and do my best to handle the stress and negative feelings appropriately.

My world is different; my eyes are more open to the things not seen as well as the things within. All the things we were taught and given were abundant. Lon, the things you knew were things unknown except to a very few. The things you saw were things so real but not seen to us. I don’t think I could ever find the right words to say exactly how much you have helped us. Your knowledge and abilities are something I am trying to still understand. But one thing I do know, is that you were given the knowledge and abilities you have, to help and inform others. It is all REAL, so very real. Remember, I was a bit of a skeptic as well as the one who questioned things because of my faith. But now, I am the one who is STRONGER in their faith and question things only to find answers to them.

You are a part of my family, my brother, my friend.

God Bless and Take Care,
E.H., Sioux City, IA


Lon - may you always maintain the desire to help people in trouble. Your words and actions hit me like a thunderbolt during a very troubling time. I will never forget our conversations. You accepted me when others turned me away - and you know who I'm talking about. It's no wonder why you left. Follow your heart always - stay true to your feelings - never stray away - don't allow others to minimize what you do. Surround yourself with love & empowerment, just like you told me. I fear that you ignore what is best for you in order to help others. I will pray for you. Please feel free to use me as a reference. JL, Ann Arbor, MI


Thank you for taking your time to help my daughter and I. We had no idea what was causing the disturbances in her home. Every time we asked for help we were ridiculed. When our pastor refused to help us we felt like we had come to the end of the rope.

A friend on Facebook recommended that we contact you. I feel like we were touched by an Angel. When I first talked to you over the telephone I really felt a calmness come over me. My daughter said she saw my face go from a look of fear to a look of peace. She started to cry as I talked to you.

We will never forget the experience and your commitment to us. Lon, we thank you with all our heart. DI, Oakland, MD


Your insight & consultation was truly a blessing. I fear what may have become of me if you hadn't stepped in when you did. I will follow your recommendations. I feel that I can now move on with my life and put the fear behind me. CH, Seattle, WA


For years at this house we've experienced paranormal activity. Flashes of light out of nowhere, the sound of women whispering in such a way that what was being said was not discernible, autographed pictures vanishing for awhile then reappearing, a toothbrush moving back and forth of its own volition as it rested inside of a cup, a mysterious rap on a door of one of the rooms, right after the door had been shut (quite frequent in nature) and towards the end the lifting and moving of a heavy piece of furniture a few inches and then being set down again. It was not dragged as that piece of furniture rests on a carpet and it would have been easy to discern if that had happened. Lon Strickler came in and was able to clear the house out in 1 hour! A truly incredible and never to be forgotten experience for me was the unearthly clicking sound I heard from the room he was working from as he was blasting the entities with energy. Sounds from an entity or entities from another dimension. When I think of Lon's fabulous and caring effort, I think about the old Carly Simon song "Nobody Does it Better", for it certainly applies to Lon and his remarkable abilities. - (original testimonial revised by current 'Astral Perceptions' client) TL, Atlanta, GA

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