Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Anybody can connect with their Guardian Angel. People often think that you have to be religious or psychic in order to make this connection. Not true. We are all born with our own Guardian Angels and they never stop surrounding us with love, support and guidance.

Angels help us stay connected with our spiritual source. We also have spirit and/or ancestral guides that help you find your way...though, in most cases, guides are more difficult to connect with. As we raise our vibration, we can more easily connect and communicate with wiser energies in the spirit realms.

Seeking an Angel's help is one of our most power spiritual practices....but you need to ask.

Here are some tips that will help you connect with your Guardian Angel:

1. Angels can do nothing for us unless we ask. No need to worry about asking for too much. Angels exist beyond our experience of time and space. Create your own affirmations that specifically call for the help you need.

2. Attune yourself with your Angel. Simple meditation may raise your awareness enough to establish contact. Ask questions...find out how they want to be addressed. Establish a routine that suits your timetable. Make it an exciting experience.

3. Have patience...but ask if you feel your question has not been answered. Learn how to interpret the answers.

4. Quickly react to the guidance you receive. Angelic help has, for the most part, a finite period of effectiveness.

5. With time and practice, you will understand which sensations mean yes, no or otherwise. Your answer may also come during meditation, or after a prolonged period of reflection. Learn how the message is given and how it should be received. Notice patterns...times when the message tend to come. Show your appreciation for the advice. Like any long-term relationship, trust and respect are imperative.

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