Friday, September 6, 2013

OBE or Something Much Different?

The following account was forwarded by a reader in the UK. Was this an 'out of body experience' or something much different?

I was interested to read a recent article in Phantoms and Monsters about people who have had an out of the body experience and thought that I would send you an account of my own experience.

When I was twelve years old my mother took me to the dentist for a course of treatment which included fillings and extractions. On my last visit I had to have four teeth extracted, In those days they gave you gas and I remember the dentist putting the mask over my face and telling me to count to ten. I remember the smell of rubber as I was counting up to ten, I reached about half way and I groaned and then something strange happened. Instead of just being unconscious I found that I could still see but not as normal, everything had a white outline against a black background. I could 'see' the dentist pick up my left arm and drop it on the arm of the chair but I felt nothing. I could then see his face in front of mine and the thought entered my head that if I could see him and knew what was happening would I feel my teeth being pulled?

I have to tell you that I did. And another strange thing which honestly makes me question it all, for as he pulled on my teeth I saw his face change to an egg shape! Now the pain that I believed I was experiencing and the total lack of being able to communicate this, and the fear and anxiety of my predicament, brought on what I believe to have been an altered state of consciousness. For suddenly I heard a roaring noise in my ears and everything began to spin around and I seemed to come too and of being in a black void but feeling very peaceful. I had no memory of who I was or where I had just been it did not seem to matter. I did not seem to possess a body and yet I remember feeling that I was in an upright position.

I had no sense of movement and yet I was contented to be found where I was. It was then that I noticed a white light moving towards me from up above on my right-hand side and I began to turn and look up. It was then that I heard a man's voice ordering me to look down. I did and what seemed to me to be a long way away I saw what looked like a circle of dim light and a room with people in there bending over something, and then my memory came back and I remember thinking, that's the dentist's room - that is where I should be. I then remember slowly waking up from this experience and although I could not in those moments focus my eyes properly, I remember saying, "I have had an awful dream," and a voice like that of a woman's saying, "yes, we know you have."

I don't know what happened to me, and although I always cleaned my teeth as one is supposed too, I did not go back to the dentist for over thirty years. I once spoke with an anesthetist who said that I had not been put under properly. Yes I agree that may be a fair judgment but not to answer the whole of my experience. - RL

NOTE: It seems to me that RL experienced an altered state of consciousness...or better stated, an altered state of awareness. I believe this was achieved by an accidental dosage or a reaction to the anesthetic...especially if it contained an hallucinogenic or psychoactive drug. There are many stimuli that can produce an altered mind, including sensory deprivation, isolation, sleep deprivation, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, meditation, prayer and fasting. Lon

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