Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Grandmother's Love

In the autumn of 1978, a friend asked me and a few of his acquaintances to help move furniture and other items out of his deceased grandmother’s home near Reading, Pa. He was planning to lease out the house until he could find a buyer. The house had been on the market for 3 years but nothing was ever finalized though there were several interested parties that backed out for various reasons. He finally decided to sell the contents to help pay for the taxes and upkeep.

I arrived in the mid-morning and was immediately stunned by the size of the house. It was a Spanish style dwelling with large closed balconies and awnings along with an ample sized wrap-around porch. My friend Bill and a few other people had already started to move items into a truck and were taking a break. We greeted each other and sat down to talk a bit. Bill asked if I would help him look at some of the insulation in the attic and basement as well as check the plumbing later when we were done moving. I agreed and we began to load the truck.

It took us about 5 hours to finish removing the contents of the house. When we were finished, the other people left while Bill and I stayed to inspect the structure. It was starting to get dark but the electricity was still connected so there was plenty of light for us to get around. We first checked the outside plumbing to make sure everything was in working order then went into the kitchen. There was a small leak under the sink, so we worked on that.

Bill was telling me that he spent the previous night in the house and heard some rustling noise in the attic and thought that squirrels may be getting in. Since there were several oak trees on the premises I concurred that may be a possibility. After we finished in the kitchen we walked upstairs to the second floor. We entered the large master bathroom, opened a narrow door and ascended to the attic. As soon as we got to the top step I immediately felt light-headed and dizzy. I leaned against the wall trying to regain my bearings. Bill noticed my discomfort and asked what was wrong. I explained that I sensed a spirit energy was present, though I didn't understand why I was disoriented.

Then suddenly, hovering in the middle of the attic, we noticed a smoky gray apparition that seemed to glow. After a bit, I realized it was a young girl who would change into an adult then back to a child within seconds. She was motioning with her right hand to follow her to the window then she would change into a larger adult being. The girl was dressed in a light-colored smock and barefoot then she would change into a dark colored billowy dress with shoes and a small pillbox shaped hat. Her facial expression was always pleasant and I was sure that it was the same person changing from child to adult. After 20 seconds or so the presence faded and I felt fine, though somewhat unnerved by the experience. Bill hadn't said a word throughout the encounter and suggested we go downstairs. I was surprised how calm he was.

We walked outside and sat down on the porch steps. I asked Bill if he had any knowledge of a spirit in the house. He stated that his grandmother had never mentioned anything but that his mother had told him years previously that she felt that the house had ghosts. She had grown up there and had always been aware of something but could never give a definitive description. She had also mentioned that his grandmother would laugh when she asked her about the subject. We decided to leave and that we’d talk later.

Many years had passed...Bill and I had gone our separate ways. In the summer of 1998, I received an email from Bill. He had moved to Florida and we hadn’t communicated for several years. He got my email address from another friend. Here is the content of the correspondence.

“………remember the incident in the attic at my grandmother’s house? Well, to make a long story short, I finally managed to sell the house a year or so later. It was purchased by a young mother who had 2 daughters. She restored the attic into a play area for one of the daughters. A few days ago, I received a phone call from the buyer. She explained that her daughter had mentioned to her that she had a ‘playmate’ in the attic for many years. One day her ‘playmate’ directed her to a notch near the window. Yesterday, her daughter who is now grown gave her mother a note she retrieved from that notch many years previously. It read “Billy, know that my heart will always be with you, Grams”. I can’t explain why my grandmother placed that note in the notch but there must have been a reason………”

I’m positive the apparition we witnessed that day was Bill’s grandmother and that she simply wanted him to know that she was fine. I'm sure he somehow realized it was her as well, which explains his calm demeanor during the encounter. Her spirit was strong enough to interact with others. I have no doubt she has crossed over and reunited with many of those souls she loved in life.