Saturday, November 2, 2013

Strange Photographs - Pinellas Park, Florida

I received the following email from my colleague David Garrison in September 2012. I have had these analyzed by a trusted technician who felt that there was no manipulation to the images:

I have a page called HALLOWEEN365, and after posting some funny haunted house and ghost pics, one of the gals that belongs to the page left a rather unusual post. She seemed to be saying she lived in a haunted house and had photos. She didn't know how to post them, so I gave her my email address. For the last 3 days she has been sending a steady stream of REALLY strange pictures.

Some of them are really dark, (I have asked a friend to see what they can do to lighten them up). She lives in Pinellas Park, Florida, "believes" she lives on or near an Indian burial site (although I have not been able to find any reference to one any where). When I asked "how" she got the photos, (and it took awhile to decipher her answer) she said she is "somewhat" sensitive, and sometimes "senses" a presence, so she starts snapping pictures at random around the room. Sometimes she actually "sees" "something" and takes a picture.

She also said that many times "they" take her phone and some how put pictures on it that she did not take. She says she went to the local courthouse and found out that one man had died on the property years ago. Some of these are very dark, some are blurry. But, if I am to believe her description, I CAN see "something" myself. There are several pictures, and my phone only let's me send 5 at a time. So I will send more than one mail, with her description of each photo.

NOTE: I've enlarged and attempted to lighten the photos. I've attached David's comments with each photo...Lon

Now "THIS" one is interesting.

She says she awoke to see a young Indian girl looking at a painting on her wall, and snapped a photo. Even though it's a little dark, I can definately see a young girl.

This photo, bottom left is what she called a "ghost cat". This is, she says, a desk-type cabinet and the shelf with the "cat" has nothing on it.

She has two small dogs, this photo, she says, is NOT them.

This one has to be lightened. I "think" I see "something", but not sure. On the pillow above her elbow looks almost like a possom to me.

She says she saw "something" coming out of her TV set and took a photo of it.

She says "they" like to tease her at nite by pulling her blankets off, and she hears laughter or "giggling". She awoke to having her blankets being pulled and saw a "baby" or very small child crawling to her from the foot of the bed. I see "something" on the left.

This she called "The Demon Boy Face in the floor". She says she saw it begin to take shape, grabbed her phone and hastily snapped this photo.

This is a photo of the reflection in her headboard mirror. That is her hand holding her cell phone. Upper right is what she says looked like a clowns face taking shape.

Another "ghost animal" at the foot of her bed. Bottom left. She called it a "Giselle". What the heck is it??

She claims she has lived in her house for 4 years, and it has been happening to her the whole time. Says she has LOTS more photos, but she has to email them from her phone. And she says that is very hard for her and takes a lot of time. I will keep you updated, and as I get new photos, will forward them to you. She was not reaching out for help nor did she come off as really frightened or scared. Just a fact of life for her. She just wanted SOMEONE to look at her photos and tell her she's not crazy. You know I am a believer, and we both have seen MANY photos over the years of what I believe to be real spirits or entities. As soon as I laid eyes on these photos, you were the first person I thought of to share them with. Tell me what you think. I "DO" see "something" in them. Exactly what..I just don't know.

Hoping all is well with you and yours.

NOTE: I've seen a lot of photos of supposed entities...but I will say that these are intriguing, though not conclusive by any stretch. I suggested she use a static camera setup. I'm not sure if the activity is only in the bedroom...or what she's dealing with. If anyone has some thoughts, post a comment...Lon