Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Assessing Clinical Remote Work

I recently read an account by Dr. Charles Wm. Skillas, who has practiced Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy since 1981. I am currently reading Skillas' book Remote Sessions and Attached Entities: Principles and Cases which examines several of his case files.

In the book, he asks:

What is death? What is reincarnation? What are demons? Is there life after death, and can past life regression reveal subconscious influences on your life today? Do angels and demons really compete for our attention, and what does your therapist know about exorcism?

I can honestly say that I don't buy into all of the evaluations made by Dr. Skillas...but it is interesting esoteric reading:

Dora is Jim's paternal grandmother and came to see me about him because of serious problems he was having in his life, like stealing money and jewelry from family members, skipping school, using drugs, becoming addicted to pornography on the computer and cutting himself with a razor. The grandmother is, understandably, very concerned about Jim who is 17. She asked me to do a remote clearing on him to see if it would help him. I agreed to do so.

I found 7 demons in the right hemisphere of his head sapping his energy and exacerbating all the negative energy that was in him. These demons came on him when he was 2 years old. Demons are attracted to people of the light and seek their destruction.

Jim had an earthbound spirit named Danny in his heart who died at age 27 trying to escape from prison in England in 1937. Danny fell from the prison wall and impaled himself on a fence post, which killed him. Danny had worked as a bouncer in a house of prostitution and killed a man in a fight by cutting his throat. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and served 2 years till he died trying to escape. He had a limp in his left leg from a broken kneecap obtained in a fight. He was trying to rob one of the customers in the house of prostitution. Danny's father was a drunk and killed Danny's mother when Danny was 4 years old. He was a very depressed person, he hated life, he had no friends and he consorted with whores and thieves. Denny brought the energy of his death and the negative energy of his life to Jim when he attached to him at age 2 when Jim fell down the stairs and broke his right leg.

Five dark force energies entered Jim in his heart-lung area when he was 4 years old. The demons could enter him without problem because he was open since Danny entered him at age 2. The demons were trying to kill Jim with cancer but that would not become apparent until he was 26 years old. Six additional demons entered Jim had age 6 and lodged in his stomach and lower intestines. These demons were also going to kill Jim with cancer, which was not yet manifest. These demons caused him to lie and steal as a way of destroying his future life. All of these demons were attracted to Jim because he has a bright light and dark force energies (demons) are attracted to people of the light and try to destroy them. A soul mind fragment (SMF) of Jim's mother came into him when he was born. The SMF was created by fear and sadness and these energies came into Jim at birth.

Two pass lifetimes of Jim came through during this remote, one on each of the two layers of consciousness that I could reach in this remote. In past life number 1, Jim was a woman named Dixie who lived in New Orleans and was a prostitute. She died of him venereal disease at age 38 in 1922. Her father was a bank robber and a common thief and was in jail most of the time. Her mother and grandmother raised her until she ran away at the age of 17. This was after her boyfriend Donald, him who was a thief, beat her. Dixie's mother Sally cleaned houses for a living and she prayed repeatedly for Dixie who was often ill. Dixie was despondent him and and very unhappy and was used by men sexually to do unclean things and illegal acts for them. Dixie often spent nights in jail after having been caught stealing for the men. Police also took sexual advantage of Dixie. She had a tragic life and brought all of this energy to Jim.

In a second past life Jim was a man named Randy who was killed at age 41 in 1939 while in jail in Juarez, Mexico. Randy was put into jail for being drunk and disorderly and for thievery. He stole cocaine and other drugs and money from the hotel owner were he worked as a bouncer in the hotel bar. Randy was very depressed, lonely and suffered from tuberculosis. He was stabbed to death for trying to steal drugs from fellow inmates of the Juarez Jail. Randy brought the energy of his death and the negative energy of his life to Jim.

I removed all the dark force energies that were trying to kill him and got rid of the negative energies coming over from the two past lifetimes that Jim had on the two layers of consciousness that I could reach in this remote. I used the tube method getting rid of the initial sensitizing event in the first past life and the subsequent sensitizing event in Jim's second past life.

I ended up doing several remotes on Jim because he had so many layers of consciousness that were blocked by negative energy. But just removing the energies I found on these two layers of consciousness in this remote made a significant change in Jim's present life and his grandmother was very pleased with the results.

NOTE: Is it possible for one person to possess so many 'demons' and malevolent entities? Does a past life influence a current life? Can physical & clinical illness be caused by these dark forces? This case study gives a lot of diagnosis, but little background as to how Dr. Skillas determined the causes.

This is how Dr. Skillas describes his remote work:

My work consists of clearing negative energy from layers of consciousness and restoring the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body. Once the negative energy is cleared it is possible to successfully reprogram the subconscious, which can affect behavior, how the client feels, and how the client reacts to life. Once the client is clear (the negative energy has been removed) I can then spiritually repair the damage to the cells caused by the negative energy on the layers of consciousness just cleared.

The client must understand that we can clear only the negative energy on the layers of consciousness that we can access, which for remote work is two. The client and not we control this, and so if the symptoms disturbing the client don't disappear after the remote, it means that the energy of those symptoms is not on the layers we could access.

Dr. Skillas lists his requirements for conducting a remote session:

- A recent picture of the subject. If there are others in the photo, please indicate which is the subject,
- Subject's date and location of birth,
- Subject's birth name,
- Payment of $600 by bank certified check or postal money order. If payment is by personal check, we must allow it to clear before proceeding.
- A brief history of the client's current problem, and, in chronological order, major negative events. For example, "In 2003, at age 27, I witnesses a traffic fatality just a few feet from me, and saw the pain and terror on the victim's face as he died. Since then, I've had trouble..."

I'd be interested in your comments. Lon