Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Screams From The Well

I received the following account in 2009 from a reader in Malaysia:

Sir - This could easily be a Halloween movie but the murder of a woman, eerie screams, and the discovery of skeletal remains in a well are not spooking moviegoers in cinemas but the residents in my village of Kampung, Malaysia.

All was well in the village until Oct 6, 2009 when a woman was found murdered in her house; her 22-year-old son who is the prime suspect had allegedly put her body in a traveling bag and left it under the kitchen sink.

That was enough to put the village residents in a state of heebie-jeebies. Their anxiety deepened when the suspect led the police to the skeletal remains of a woman in a well. Since then, several residents have claimed that they are hearing eerie screams.

My neighbor Rokiah said she had been living in the area for 30 years but the noises only started after the skeletal remains were discovered in the well. "At about 3am on Friday, I, too, heard screams,” she said, adding that she immediately recited prayers. Rokiah said the screaming continued for several minutes and then died off.

Of the woman who had been murdered, Rokiah refuted media reports that she was deaf and mute, saying they had spoken to each other msny time.

Another woman who lives near the well (Salmah) said the eerie noise came from the well. “My house is near the well where the skeletal remains were found and the first time I heard the voice was the next evening. I was terrified and told my husband but he dismissed it." She planned to talk to her husband about moving out of the area.

Rokiah’s grandson Nasrul who works in a petrol station, said the suspect hardly spoke to his neighbors. Nasrul said he had only seen the son raising his voice after he had become drunk.

The police were still trying to identify the skeleton remains in the well. It was said all they knew was that the remains were those of a woman aged between 20 and 30 years. The police were investigating whether the woman was either a family member or the suspect’s lover.

I thought you'd be interested in this story. RR

NOTE: I made an inquiry recently. It seems people continue to hear screams from the well. The skeleton has never be identified. Lon

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