Sunday, December 13, 2015

United Flight 93: Wandering Spirits

After September 11, 2001, the heroics of the passengers on United Flight 93 were disclosed to the nation. As a result, instead of the jetliner finishing its fateful journey in Washington, DC, the passengers forced the plane to crash into the rural countryside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, not far from Johnstown. All 38 passengers and 7 crew members were probably killed instantly as the airliner impacted at high speed that produced a crater fifty feet deep.

Within 2 days, the FBI and State Police set up a command post in a trailer. It was also used to store boxes of the evidence found throughout the site. This was a crime scene...even though there was very little evidence available, as compared to other jetliner crashes. Eventually the crater was filled in and designated as a mass grave.

In order to protect the site, the Johnstown Rent-A-Cop company known as RAC was hired to patrol the site 24/7. One of the RAC security guards, a 32-year-old longtime Johnstown resident RW, was given the duty of patrolling the crash site. It was mid-November, almost two months after the 9/11 tragedy. His time at the site and trailer made him so restless and nervous that he did not want to go there alone.

He and other guards heard voices and footsteps at the trailer. On one occasion, RW even saw an apparition up near the main gate. I was first contacted by the witness several weeks after the initial incidents. By telephone, RW described some of the activity he had experienced during his time at the United Flight 93 crash site.

"The other guard and I went into the trailer near the crash site one day. We had just got into the trailer. We were in there for only about two minutes and we heard somebody knock on the door…there was nobody around. The other guard went out and searched the area as I stood in the doorway.”

“He's looking around, but he didn't see anybody, so he came back in and we just kind of blew it off, thinking it may be wind or something. So, we go back into the trailer and we got some coffee and started playing cards. Since we had only been there a minute or two before the knock, we didn't have any chairs set up yet. Well, when we went to set up the table, one of the chairs was already set up. I don't know where the chair came from. I don't know who put it there.”

“What the heck! We set up the chair and table, sat down and started to play cards. We had played two hands when we heard someone walking through the trailer. Then we started to hear mumbled voices coming from outside of the trailer. We couldn’t understand what was being said, but it was sounded like a large group of people. So we rushed to the door and ran outside...there were no footprints in the snow.”

“Another time I was sitting by the main gate and it was about 2 o'clock in the morning. I kind of relaxed for a couple of minutes instead of just staring at the gate. I had been doing crossword puzzles and reading. I laid my head back and I suddenly heard a male voice coming from the backseat say, 'So, now what?' I freaked...jumped out the door and backed away from the car. I walked around for about 30 minutes until I got the nerve to go back into the car.”

“The next night I'm sitting at the gate, all by myself, listening to my stereo. The car is running. I drive a 1987 Cougar, so it’s an older car and I didn’t want it to cut it off. All of a sudden, the back of the car dips…like somebody sat on the trunk. I quickly put it in gear and gunned it. I drove forward about 100 ft and turned the car around so the headlights hit the area I was parked. I'm looking and I don't see anybody, so I get out of the car and close the door. I then walk around to the back of my car. I had my spotlight with me. The car had been muddy, and there was a bare foot print on the top trunk. But while I was standing there, the back of the car violently rocked up and down.”

“A few days later, I was sitting at the main gate, which is almost a mile away from the main crash site. But then I see this lady walking from the direction of the crash site in the middle of winter at 4 o'clock in the morning. It was a full moon out, and I see this woman as clear as day. Then she starts to walk towards me.”

“She had on a light blue baseball jersey and blue jeans. She had medium length, light brown colored hair. She also had glasses on. She was so clear…I could see all her details. I started to get out of my car and ask her why she was walking around out there in the middle of the night in the dead of winter without a coat. As soon as I got out of the car, she vanished! She just vanished. She totally disappeared. She was no more than 15 feet away from me. Poof!”

“That was my last shift at the crash site.”

I asked RW how he felt now after experiencing the strange activity. He said he now believes in the paranormal and that the crash site is hallowed ground. He also said that he wished eternal torment for the terrorists.

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