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Readers' Strange Real-Life Tales

Here are a few strange real-life tales from the readers of 'Phantoms & Monsters':

Pretty in Pink

Hi Lon,

I really enjoy your blog but honestly, it scares the hell out of me sometimes. I wanted to relay a weird experience told to me a while back that I have only told to one other wife. When I was with the police department in a jurisdiction near Ames, Iowa in 1988 a deputy told me about an experience he had one evening while driving down an isolated country road. The area was new to him as he was covering for another off duty officer. He told me it had just finished raining at about 6:30 pm when he drove past a cemetery on his right. About a quarter mile down the road he noticed a girl walking on the side of the road. He stopped his cruiser to offer the girl a ride to wherever she was going. She accepted his offer and sat in the back seat during the ride. The deputy remembered how pretty she looked dressed in beautiful pink prom gown. She explained she was on her way to her school prom and after about two miles down the road, asked to be let out on the dimly lit corner at an old filling station. He dropped her off then proceeded down the road to continue his tour.

It was a dark evening and he got concerned about the girl's safety so he turned around and went back to where he had dropped her off, but she was no where to be found. He passed the old abandoned filling station and continued back down the road to the cemetery and a small house located next to it. He parked his cruiser in the dirt driveway and knocked on the door. An old man answered the door and the police officer described what had happened and he had wondered if the girl possibly came to his house. The old man just smiled and said to come inside and he would explain.

It seems that the girl the deputy picked up that night, was killed on her way to her school prom back in the 1940's by a drunk driver. The old man stated that several times a year she walks down that same road trying to get to her prom. He took the deputy into the cemetery and showed him the girl's gravestone. After shaking off the shivers the deputy returned to his cruiser and began his tour again. He was driving on the same road but at the corner where the old filling station was located there was just an open field with trees. The deputy asked me to never tell anyone about this experience.

I no longer live in the area but I have been told that the pretty girl still frequents the old country road searching for a ride to the prom.

Jim C.


Vanishing 'Man-Beast' Encounter

About three years ago, I had a strange encounter in the length of woods that borders my house. It was winter and I was on one of my routine hikes with my brother. We would periodically stop and rest, listening to the sounds of the forest. We were climbing a steep hill and having a hell of a time with it. Our march was halted when I stepped in a pothole and when I finally dragged my foot out we decided to take a breather. That's when I saw it. We were just standing there, making small talk, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure. I turned and saw a large, lanky creature watching us from atop a hill. The very instant my gaze fixed on it, it began to barrel down the hill at us. I tried to run or even alert my brother, but I couldn't move. I was paralyzed with fear.

I heard my brother asked "what's the matter?"...but I couldn't tell him because I didn't know. I didn't know what I was looking at. I was finally able to break my paralysis and was about to tell him what was happening and then it was gone. Just POOF! Like smoke in the wind. Needless to say I hauled ass out of there. If I was to describe the thing I would say that it was at least 6'1 with some of the longest hair I've ever seen. It had a slim build and was completely nude. It's body was pale with a large patch of hair on it's chest. I never caught sight of it's face or any reproductive parts, but I have the feeling it was male.

Every time I look back on it and try to analyze what it might have been I always come up short. I can't come up with a believable or concrete explanation. I sometimes doubt I saw anything at all. Granted this is not the first strange experience I've had in those woods. The disembodied baby's cry comes to mind.

Cody B.


The Red Man

Being the only girl in the family, at the time, I had a bedroom all to myself. I was just a teen in junior high and was interested in witchcraft. (I guess I was watching too much 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' or something). I was spoiled with a computer and a TV in my room. Back in the day, kids having a computer in their own bedroom wasn't very common. I would go online trying to find spells that I could do, stumbled across this one website that had an Ouiji board online. I had heard stories of how the board is the devil's game. I figured since this was online it wasn't the same.

The website had a prayer or a chant that I remember I had to say to have God protect me from whatever may happen. I asked a simple question "is anyone here"...I thought..."ok now whats suppose to the mouse suppose to move around? How do I get an answer?" It just came to a point where I thought it was ridiculous and shut off my computer.

A couple of nights later, I noticed my teddy bear missing from my bed. (I've always slept with a bear because it brought comfort like someone was there with me). I bent down to go pick it up, and staring at me was a red man standing half way through my door. I looked at him and froze. He just smiled at me, not moving. I left the bear and pulled the blanket over my head and trembled...terrified that the thing would come over and just rip the blankets away from me. I was too scared to sleep so I waited until the morning, when I can see some sort of light in my bedroom.

I was eating breakfast at the table with my two younger brothers and my I told them what I saw. My dad overhears me and goes "oh dont worry, that was me". I didn't say anything because I didn't want to freak him out if he couldn't explain it, but how could it be him if I locked the door? I am the only one who has the keys to my door (like I said I was pretty spoiled, I changed the locks myself and had both the keys that came with the door knob). I lock my door every night, I hate the feeling of someone, anyone...that can just burst into my room in the middle of the night.

That house terrified me. Late at night I could hear creaks and banging noises. I'm now 26 and no longer live in that house. I truly can't explain what I saw. My eyes don't play tricks on me, when I'm up...I'm up, even if its going to the washroom at 2 am or even 5 am.

I've told this story to my friends and co-workers but they laugh at me like I'm messing around. It's gotten to the point where, I'd rather not say anything at all because they are non-believers.



Ghost at 30,000 Feet

I would ask my colleagues if they had a ghostly experience or anything related to it. This is one of my favorites...

Chona, a senior flight attendant at that time, was standing by her door in first class. The steward and the other flight attendant had gone on their first shift of their crew rest. The purser decided to turn off the video in the main screen because there was only one passenger and he requested not to be disturbed...he wasn't interested in the movie. The aircraft was a 747-200 series and we had 18 seats in first class.

The cabin was dark and Chona was enjoying her alone time staring at the darkened cabin when someone stood up from the front row. A steward! one asked if they could sleep in front. So she waited as the steward turned and walked away from his seat...and through the fuselage into open air at 30,000 feet!

Without thinking, she ran towards business class to look for real humans. They never found out who the steward was and they left it at that.



Flying Jelly Fish

Hello, my name is Jordan and this is my story of a close encounter when I was about 17.

It was a Friday night in Phoenix, Arizona...believe it or not it was raining heavily and the clouds were very low. Me and 4 other people were at a friends house watching a movie trying to kill time. My friend Daniel and I were getting hungry so we had both decided to walk to the gas station and get some snacks. I walked outside and the clouds were extremely low. I have never seen them like this before...they were just above the street lights to give you an idea. As Daniel walked outside he exclaimed, "What the hell is that!?". He pointed to the house right across the street and it looked like there was something on the roof. As I got a better look at the object it looked like a balloon floating in the wind right above the house. But as I stood there looking at it, it stopped in mid air just floating there almost as if it were staring at us. That's when I knew this was no balloon, because balloons cant just stop and hover.

We approached it and I got a better look at it. It looked like a robotic jelly fish, if that makes any sense at all. It had a blinking red light on it. There were various things hanging down, what looked like tentacles. It was probably a little bigger than a basketball. Daniel grabbed a few rocks and threw them at the "balloon"...that's when the object zipped behind a tree faster than anything I have ever seen. I was extremely frightened as was Daniel when we realized that what we were dealing with was intelligent.

We both took off running down the street, I was looking behind me with every chance I got and I could see the blinking red light behind the tree. The thing was watching us...I knew there was something operating it. My friend, whose house we were at, had also seen the same thing but was in denial that it was a UFO. This experience changed my life forever. You hear of big UFO sightings but I have never even heard of a sighting like mine. I was so close to it, it was amazing. After much thought (many years) I believe that it was a probe used for surveillance. I have never seen anything like that again, until I looked up flying humanoids in Phoenix, AZ. I believe that they are kind of similar but not completely. I would love to have a reasonable explanation for this event in my life!

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

The Real Story Behind the Exorcist: A Study of the Haunted Boy and Other True-Life Horror Legends from Around the Nation's Capital

Real hauntings: America's true ghost stories

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

'Dark Being' Encounters

I've listed a few 'dark being' encounters from readers and colleagues:

I have never tried to contact someone before about this, but here it goes. It's not a traditional "alien" story, but I am interested in seeing if anyone else has seen what I did. When I was 7 or 8 years old, I lived on Oahu in Hawaii, in the Salt Lake City area, which is located next to the base on that island.

We lived in a very populated area in a 12 level apartment building. It was a two bedroom - my parents room was on the other side of the apartment. One night I had a bad dream and got up in the middle of the night to sleep in my parent's bed.

Only my dad was there - I don't remember where my mother was. At some point in the earlier morning hours I had to go to the bathroom. I wasn't scared - I was just sleepy. The bathroom was adjoined to the bedroom. As I walked out of the bathroom toward the bed, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I looked up and saw a figure in a dark cloak walking past the doorway.

It saw me at the same time. We both were startled, and just stared at each other for a moment. I was scared out of my mind. I couldn't move or scream. One thing that was impressed on me was how little it was. It was my height.

It was wearing a dark cloak that covered its head and was clasped at the neck. Inside the cloak was pitch-black (so much that it seemed unnatural), and two large oval slanted (typical) RED glowing eyes was all I could see.

We stared at each other for a moment, then it jumped out of view. I had no idea what I saw nor what to do - I was completely freaked out and my dad was lying there asleep. So I did what most children do when they are scared - I laid down on the bed, and pulled the covers over my head.

It seemed like I might be imagining it as it happened, but I felt someone pushing down on the bed in a circle around me, and then last pushing on my pillow. I remembered everything very clearly, but didn't tell anyone for a very long time.

It never crossed my mind that it was an alien until much later. I thought it was some kind of demon. There are a lot of stories about evil little people in Hawaii, and I figured that was what I saw. But I met a lady who heard my story and told me about the greys, and the fact that I surprised and shocked it is what I can't get over. She said that it was probably expecting me to still be in my bed and that it was there for my father.


Location: Saranac, Michigan
Date: November 27, 2007
Time: Late evening

The witness and her husband were sitting in their living room watching TV when they heard a gunshot next door and then a second. Her husband got dressed and headed over to his neighbor Bob’s house to see if was the bear that they had been seeing lately.

When he got there the neighbor was “freaked out” and explained what he saw. Bob’s wife Grace had taken their two dogs out one last time before bed and their oldest dog ran toward the woods like always, but stopped dead in his tracks and cowered. Grace yelled for Bob and he ran outside with his 30-30 rifle, thinking it was the bear again. He walked up to his dog and spotted movement from the corner of his eye.

He looked up and saw a dark figure walk across his path into the woods. It was standing upright like a human and was about 6’7”, just outside the right of light from his flood light, and Bob though it was a hunter that had been in the area lately. So he yelled at it, saying something like “Hey, who are you?” The figure then walked back across the path on all fours like an animal...and it had red eyes.

Bob was transfixed with the eyes; they glowed like the end of a cigarette. He raised his gun and put the sights of the scope on its chest, dead center mass, and noticed it had no fur. He shot once and hit it square in the chest. It didn’t even flinch. He then re-racked the gun, but it misfired. The gun had never done that before, so he racked out the bullet and racked in a new one. It misfired yet again. He looked at the bullet and it didn’t even have a dent from the firing pin. He re-loaded the bullet and looked up. The figure was standing upright again, but farther back in the woods. He aimed and fired and hit it again in the chest. It didn’t flinch again. It just walked off like nothing happened. Bob fired one last time, but missed. They found no tracks or any blood anywhere where Bob had seen the figure.


Puerto de Alisas, Spain - April 4, 1991 - late night

Jose Saiz was traveling alone on an isolated road and as he was rounding a curve he saw what he thought at first to be a sheet floating in the air on the side of the road. It now floated on the center of the road and the witness slowed down and turned on the high beams. Suddenly he was stunned to realize that it was not a "sheet" but a man-like figure. It was moving towards the witness, moving its arms very slowly as if it were swimming. Little by little it moved off to the right and feet first, descended to the ground.

The now terrified witness could see that it was a tall man wearing something resembling a dark flowing tunic. It moved in strange leaps and bounds as the witness noticed that it had a very pale face with a pointed chin. As the witness drove by the figure he looked more closely and was able to see more details. It had a long bony pale face, somewhat resembling that of a corpse. Its whole face and body appeared to be illuminated by a dim glow, bluish reddish in color. It had long straight hair almost white in color and was shoulder length. Its hands and feet were long, bony and strong looking. He was apparently barefooted. The humanoid was easily over 2 meters in height and wore something on his forehead resembling a diadem or tiara. The humanoid facial expression was that of extreme resigned sadness and fear. This scared the witness who as he drove by the figure saw it bend down in an almost mechanical fashion. The witness attempted to accelerate the car but it had inexplicably lost power. The vehicle suddenly accelerated and the witness left the bizarre being behind. The witness had the impression that he humanoid remained on the road as if waiting for something or someone.

Source: Iker Jimenez

Rosemary Ellen Guiley's Guide to the Dark Side of the Paranormal

Dark Woods: Cults, Crime, and the Paranormal in the Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences

Poltergeist Communication

Several years ago, a reader asked me about poltergeists and if these entities had the ability to use audible communication. There were a few modern reports, but I wasn't sure if these were exaggerations produced by the witnesses. So I decided to look over some of the prominent historical cases and post a few that exhibit authenticity even though the commentary may be a bit folksy. I offer my opinion at the end of the post:

John Arnason, in his Icelandic Legends gives an account of "The Devil at Hjalta-stad" as written by the Sheriff Hans Wium in a letter to Bishop Haldorr Brynjolfsson in the autumn of 1750.

"The sheriff writes: “The Devil at Hjalta-stad was outspoken enough this past winter, although no one saw him. I, along with others, had the dishonour to hear him talking for nearly two days, during which he addressed myself and the minister, Sir Grim, with words the like of which ‘eye hath not seen nor ear heard.’ As soon as we reached the front of the house there was heard in the door an iron voice saying: ‘So Hans from Eyrar is come now, and wishes to talk with me, the ------ idiot.’ Compared with other names that he gave me this might be considered as flattering. When I inquired who it was that addressed me with such words, he answered in a fierce voice, ‘I was called Lucifer at first, but now I am called Devil and Enemy.’ He threw at us both stones and pieces of wood, as well as other things, and broke two windows in the minister’s room. He spoke so close to us that he seemed to be just at our side. There was an old woman there of the name of Opia, whom he called his wife, and a ‘heavenly blessed soul,’ and asked Sir Grim to marry them, with various remarks of this kind, which I will not recount."

“I have little liking to write about his ongoings, which were all disgraceful and shameful, in accordance with the nature of the actor. He repeated the ‘Pater Noster’ three times, answered questions from the Catechism and the Bible, said that the devils held service in hell, and told what texts and psalms they had for various occasions. He asked us to give him some of the food we had, and a drink of tea, etc. I asked the fellow whether God was good. He said, ‘Yes.’ Whether he was truthful. He answered, ‘Not one of his words can be doubted.’ Sir Grim asked him whether the devil was good-looking. He answered: ‘He is far better-looking than you, you ------ ugly snout!’ I asked him whether the devils agreed well with each other. He answered in a kind of sobbing voice: ‘It is painful to know that they never have peace.’ I bade him say something to me in German, and said to him Lass uns Teusc redre (sic), but he answered as if he had misunderstood me."

“When we went to bed in the evening he shouted fiercely in the middle of the floor, ‘On this night I shall snatch you off to hell, and you shall not rise up out of bed as you lay down.’ During the evening he wished the minister’s wife good-night. The minister and I continued to talk with him during the night; among other things we asked him what kind of weather it was outside. He answered: ‘It is cold, with a north wind.’ We asked if he was cold. He answered: ‘I think I am both hot and cold.’ I asked him loud he could shout. He said, ‘So loud that the roof would go off the house, and you all would fall into a dead faint.’ I told him to try it. He answered: ‘Do you think I am come to amuse you, you ------ idiot?’ I asked him to show us a little specimen. He said he would do so, and gave three shouts, the last of which was so fearful that I have never heard anything worse, and doubt whether I ever shall. Towards daybreak, after he had parted from us with the usual compliments, we fell asleep."

“Next morning he came in again, and began to waken up people; he named each one by name, not forgetting to add some nickname, and asking whether so-and-so was awake. When he saw they were all awake, he said he was going to play with the door now, and with that he threw the door off its hinges with a sudden jerk, and sent it far in upon the floor. The strangest thing was that when he threw anything it went down at once, and then went back to its place again, so it was evident that he either went inside it or moved about with it."

“The previous evening he challenged me twice to come out into the darkness to him, and this is an angry voice, saying that he would tear me limb from limb. I went out and told him to come on, but nothing happened. When I went back to my place and asked him why he had not fulfilled his promise, he said, ‘I had no orders for it from my master.’ He asked us whether we had ever heard the like before, and when we said ‘Yes,’ he answered, ‘That is not true: the like has never been heard at any time.’ He had sung ‘The memory of Jesus’ after I arrived there, and talked frequently while the word of God was being read. He said that he did not mind this, but that he did not like the ‘Cross-school Psalms,’ and said it must have been a great idiot who composed them. This enemy came like a devil, departed as such, and behaved himself as such while he was present, nor would it befit any one but the devil to declare all that he said. At the same time it must be added that I am not quite convinced that it was a spirit, but my opinions on this I cannot give here for lack of time.”

In another literary work where the sheriff's letter is given with some variations and additions, an attempt is made to explain the story. The phenomena were said to have been caused by a young man who had learned ventriloquism abroad. Even if this art could have been practiced so successfully as to puzzle the sheriff and others, it could hardly have taken the door off its hinges and thrown it into the room.


Donald Ban and the Bocan - Scotland: An 18th Century ‘Talking Poltergeist’ Case

A similar account titled "Donald Ban and the Bocan” by W. A. Craigie, M.A. was added to "Folk-Lore: A Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution & Custom Being The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society and Incorporating The Archaeological Review and The Folk-Lore Journal" in 1895 and later published in The Book of Dreams and Ghosts:

"It is fully a hundred years since there died in Lochaber a man named Donald Ban, sometimes called “the son of Angus,” but more frequently known as Donald Ban of the Bocan. This surname was derived from the troubles caused to him by a bocan—a goblin—many of whose doings are preserved in tradition."

"Donald drew his origin from the honourable house of Keppoch, and was the last of the hunters of Macvic-Ronald. His home was at Mounessee, and later at Inverlaire in Glenspean, and his wife belonged to the MacGregors of Rannoch. He went out with the Prince, and was present at the battle of Culloden. He fled from the field, and took refuge in a mountain shieling, having two guns with him, but only one of them was loaded. A company of soldiers came upon him there, and although Donald escaped by a back window, taking the empty gun with him by mistake, he was wounded in the leg by a shot from his pursuers. The soldiers took him then, and conveyed him to Inverness, where he was thrown into prison to await his trial. While he was in prison he had a dream; he saw himself sitting and drinking with Alastair MacCholla, and Donald MacRonald Vor. The latter was the man of whom it was said that he had two hearts; he was taken prisoner at Falkirk and executed at Carlisle. Donald was more fortunate than his friend, and was finally set free."

"It was after this that the bocan began to trouble him; and although Donald never revealed to any man the secret of who the bocan was (if indeed he knew it himself), yet there were some who professed to know that it was a “gillie” of Donald’s who was killed at Culloden. Their reason for believing this was that on one occasion the man in question had given away more to a poor neighbour than Donald was pleased to spare. Donald found fault with him, and in the quarrel that followed the man said, “I will be avenged for this, alive or dead.”

"It was on the hill that Donald first met with the bocan, but he soon came to closer quarters, and haunted the house in a most annoying fashion. He injured the members of the household, and destroyed all the food, being especially given to dirtying the butter (a thing quite superfluous, according to Captain Burt’s description of Highland butter). On one occasion a certain Ronald of Aberardair was a guest in Donald’s house, and Donald’s wife said, “Though I put butter on the table for you to-night, it will just be dirtied.” “I will go with you to the butter-keg,” said Ronald, “with my dirk in my hand, and hold my bonnet over the keg, and he will not dirty it this night.” So the two went together to fetch the butter, but it was dirtied just as usual."

"Things were worse during the night and they could get no sleep for the stones and clods that came flying about the house. “The bocan was throwing things out of the walls, and they would hear them rattling at the head of Donald’s bed.” The minister came (Mr. John Mor MacDougall was his name) and slept a night or two in the house, but the bocan kept away so long as he was there. Another visitor, Angus MacAlister Ban, whose grandson told the tale, had more experience of the bocan’s reality. “Something seized his two big toes, and he could not get free any more than if he had been caught by the smith’s tongs. It was the bocan, but he did nothing more to him.” Some of the clergy, too, as well as laymen of every rank, were witnesses to the pranks which the spirit carried on, but not even Donald himself ever saw him in any shape whatever. So famous did the affair become that Donald was nearly ruined by entertaining all the curious strangers who came to see the facts for themselves."

"In the end Donald resolved to change his abode, to see whether he could in that way escape from the visitations. He took all his possessions with him except a harrow, which was left beside the wall of the house, but before the party had gone far on the road the harrow was seen coming after them. “Stop, stop,” said Donald; “if the harrow is coming after us, we may just as well go back again.” The mystery of the harrow is not explained, but Donald did return to his home, and made no further attempt to escape from his troubles in this way."

"If the bocan had a spite at Donald, he was still worse disposed towards his wife, the MacGregor woman. On the night on which he last made his presence felt, he went on the roof of the house and cried, “Are you asleep, Donald Ban?” “Not just now,” said Donald. “Put out that long grey tether, the MacGregor wife,” said he. “I don’t think I’ll do that to-night,” said Donald. “Come out yourself, then,” said the bocan, “and leave your bonnet.” The good-wife, thinking that the bocan was outside and would not hear her, whispered in Donald’s ear as he was rising, “Won’t you ask him when the Prince will come?” The words, however, were hardly out of her mouth when the bocan answered her with, “Didn’t you get enough of him before, you grey tether?”

"Another account says that at this last visit of the bocan, he was saying that various other spirits were along with him. Donald’s wife said to her husband: “I should think that if they were along with him they would speak to us”; but the bocan answered, “They are no more able to speak than the sole of your foot.” He then summoned Donald outside as above. “I will come,” said Donald, “and thanks be to the Good Being that you have asked me.” Donald was taking his dirk with him as he went out, but the bocan said, “leave your dirk inside, Donald, and your knife as well.”

"Donald then went outside, and the bocan led him on through rivers and a birch-wood for about three miles, till they came to the river Fert. There the bocan pointed out to Donald a hole in which he had hidden some plough-irons while he was alive. Donald proceeded to take them out, and while doing so the two eyes of the bocan were causing him greater fear than anything else he ever heard or saw. When he had got the irons out of the hole, they went back to Mounessie together, and parted that night at the house of Donald Ban."

"The bocan was not the only inhabitant of the spirit-world that Donald Ban encountered during his lifetime. A cousin of his mother was said to have been carried off by the fairies, and one night Donald saw him among them, dancing away with all his might. Donald was also out hunting in the year of the great snow, and at nightfall he saw a man mounted on the back of a deer ascending a great rock. He heard the man saying, “Home, Donald Ban,” and fortunately he took the advice, for that night there fell eleven feet of snow in the very spot where he had intended to stay."


The Bell Witch: An American Haunting

Tennessee is home to one of the most disturbing ghost stories of all time: The Bell Witch: An American Haunting which was one of the earliest American versions of a talking poltergeist. As with all traditional American folk stories there is modification and exploitation in the media. There are several books about the witch, but many Americans heard the story for the first time in the film An American Haunting, which was released several years ago and based on actual events. After reading the some of the original accounts of the haunting, I was surprised on how accurate and detailed the production was.

The Bell Witch is a story about John and Elizabeth Bell and their children, who lived in Adams in Robertson County in the early 1800s. Some of the original commentary from one of the children follows:

"Kate Bates was a member of our small community. One day, she and my father argued over a business deal. Over time, she became more and more displeased with my father, and legend has it that she cast a spell over my family, cursing us to be haunted for life.

"From then on, our family was visited by an apparition or ghost. She wasn't a friendly ghost, so we referred to her as a witch. She became known as the Bell Witch.

"At first, the Bell Witch couldn't speak, and she communicated in soft, whistlelike sounds. Gradually, her voice developed, and she felt free to communicate with us verbally. In the meantime, she was torturing our family. At night, my sister and I would lay in bed gripping our covers tightly because she would be pulling them off from the end of our bed.

"Occasionally, she would hit us or scratch us, and she wouldn't stop even when we cried. She teased and tormented everyone in my family except for my younger brother, John Bell Jr. She liked John and would protect him from harm and would harm those who were cruel to him.

"Eventually, the Bell Witch killed my father by poisoning him. She put black, poisonous liquid in his food. The curse of the Bell Witch continued for years, so my brothers, sisters and I were forced to leave home. Our friends and neighbors would often come and stay in our home to experience the haunting for themselves. We even had visitors from other cities who traveled to Adams just to see or hear the Bell Witch. My parents would feed and house our visitors, hoping that the visitors would experience the haunting, too.

"The people living in Adams were so tired of the Bell Witch and her trickery that they excommunicated her from the town and ordered her to live in a cave on the outside of the city, where she still lives today.

"If you are brave enough, you can go to Adams, Tenn., and visit the cave where the Bell Witch was sent to live. However, I want you to be very careful!

The Missing Headstone

The latest chapter of Middle Tennessee's famed Bell Witch story could be titled "The Tale of the Homesick Headstone."

It begins in 1860, when the 22-year-old great-granddaughter of John Bell died and was buried in the family cemetery, her rest undisturbed until the headstone disappeared about a century later.

It ends earlier this month, when the missing marker turned up in Nashville, upside down and broken in two.

"The stone was found in Madison," said Tim Henson, a local historian and curator of the Adams Museum in the Robertson County town. "It was used as a stepping stone in someone's yard for at least 41 years."

Now the marker is in its rightful place. Getting it there had its spooky moments, which seems fitting for a member of the family at the center of one of the South's most celebrated ghost stories.

In 1817, an angry spirit took up residence on the Bell farm in Adams, about an hour's drive northwest of Nashville. Some people identified her as Kate Batts, an eccentric woman who believed John Bell had cheated her in a land deal.

She tormented the family, slapping, pinching and pulling the children's hair. She sang hymns, preached and plagued their father, who fell into recurring bouts of illness until he died in December 1820, a terrible smell on his lips and a mysterious bottle of black liquid nearby.

The tale has been the subject of books and movies, including An American Haunting (2006). And townspeople and tourists say Kate still haunts today, throwing salad spoons and blue balls in the air.

The supernatural Bell mystique may extend to the headstone of Mary Allen Bell Coke, if the story its finder tells is any indication.

The marker had made its way to a trash bin in Madison, where a homeowner found it years ago and added it to the lawn.

"A contractor from Springfield, working on that house, brought it home," Henson said. The contractor, Janie Hudgens, was intrigued and went online to research the dead woman. That led to funeral director and Bell descendant Bob Bell in Springfield, who called Henson.

Hudgens said that after she and husband Sparky found the stone, she made it her mission to find out where it came from.

"I'm from Alabama, and we respect the dead there," Hudgens said.

"When we found the headstone, that bothered me. For three nights straight, I was on the computer till 3 or 4 in the morning looking for where the tombstone belonged."

The night before they were to give Henson the marker, they were in bed with the room dark when the screen came to life, static crossing its screen. Not long after she turned it off, "it came on again, and it was on the page about the Bell family."

Then there was the wind, which she said "blew the deadbolt-locked door open."

As she told Henson, "I think this stone wants to get home."

Henson recently took it to the cemetery and placed it on the grave, but that was just for a brief visit. It'll remain in storage until it can be safely and securely displayed.

"We just want to place it back in the Bell cemetery that it belongs in," he said. "We know within a foot or two where it's supposed to go. We want to put it back so that it can't be taken away again." -

Icelandic Legends
The Book of Dreams and Ghosts
Craigie, W.A. - "Folk-Lore: A Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution, & Custom Being The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society and Incorporating The Archaeological Review and The Folk-Lore Journal," Vol. VI.—1895
The Bell Witch: An American Haunting

NOTE: These cases, in particular 'The Bell Witch' incident, were manifestations of self-created entities. The vast majority of poltergeist hauntings are actually an unconscious genesis by a living human. These entities do not 'talk'...though communication through writing and physical will have been well documented. For example, the movie Poltergeist depicted, for the most part, a severe haunting. The entity was not created by anyone in the family...but gained energy through the family's fear and anxiety. It was a very entertaining film, but most of it was simply conjecture. The San Pedro Poltergeist - Jackie Hernandez and the 'The Entity' Investigation - Culver City, CA - 1974 are good modern examples of poltergeist hauntings. The infamous Enfield Poltergeist case was most likely a possession where the victim somehow channeled an actual spiritual entity. Unfortunately, many Georgian and Victorian writers used 'poltergeist' as an incorrect descriptor for most hauntings...Lon

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mysterious Lights and Sounds in High Mountain, NJ

I came across the following odd newspaper article from 1885 that describes weird lights & sounds occurring in, what is currently, the High Mountain Park, NJ area (near Wayne, NJ):

The Bucks County Gazette, Bristol, Pennsylvania - 30 April 1885

Uncanny Sounds Heard and Mysterious Lights Seen by the Valley Residents

Superstitious residents of the regions known as Preakness, Haledon, and other suburbs hemmed in by the lofty hills known as High mountain, writes a Patterson, N.J., correspondent to the New York World, place extra bolts on their doors now o’ nights are are careful to be indoors “after hours.” Numbers of superstitious ones, and some who are not superstitious by any means, are willing to make affidavits that they have heard uncanny sounds proceeding from the heights, and nearly every body in the vicinity who has been near the foot of the mountain after dark will vouch for the statement that mysterious lights have been seen flitting to and fro up among the trees.

No soul lives there, and, as it is said that several murders have been perpetrated there, the villages state, with a solemn shake of the head, that “the devil is at work and no mistake,” and that there are “spooks on High mountain.”

A party of the braver and brawnier lads of the bailiwick endeavored to solve the mystery a few nights ago, but they soon returned with white faces and quaking limbs, and informed those in waiting by the stove of the place of rendezvous that it was all well enough for them to be sittin’ there toastin’ their shins and joken’, but if they wanted to find out anything about the spooks they had better make the trip themselves. Upon being mollified with “something hot,” they became more communicative, and related to their open-mouthed audience the following hair-curdling tale:

They said they had climbed to the top of the mountain, where the lights had been seen, when all at once they were surrounded by lights that jumped around them and climbed the trees and performed other acrobatic feats. Although they appeared to be right in the midst of the flames not a hair on their head was injured and their clothing wasn’t even singed. They smelled phosphorous just as plain as it could be smelled, and while they were wondering what to do next the wind whistled through the trees, producing such unearthly sounds that they came right straight away and let the wind have it all to itself.

Doubting Thomases in the audience plucked up courage and firearms enough to make the trip themselves and they, too, soon returned, looking as pale as the historical ghosts and shaking like rattle-boxes. Nobody showed a disposition to go home, and finally, when the host informed them that it was time to close up, they started off in a group and spent the night together by a hospitable neighbor’s fire rather than pass the mountain until daylight did appear.

Since then the phenomena have been witnessed by scores of those who were brave enough to approach within sight of the bleak and densely wooded mountain, and the matter has been the chief topic of conversation in the country stores, in the taverns, in the village schools, and has even been refereed to by the local dominies. The town hodlums are now free of going to the stores after dark, for their parents would not think of sending them where they would not go themselves. The jolly hosts of the roadside taverns are jolly no longer, or must be content to be jolly by themselves, for the loungers now lounge at home.

Old residents say that the same thing occurred just before the last cholera epidemic, and that the light presaged another visitation of that dread scourge. Scores of old timers are willing to wager on this, and prominent citizens are willing to encourage them in their belief, for it is on record that the same thing did occur in 1836, just before death stalked through this section of the country.

Reports from Pike county, Pennsylvania, say that the same phenomena have appeared there just as they did in 1836, and that the citizen of that place spend most of their night-times in their homes.

Citizens who pretend to be wise assert that the Pike county phenomena are caused by the escape of coal gas from the mountains, and that it is really no phenomenon at all, but is the result of natural causes. They also say that the mysterious lights on High mountin can be traced to the same cause, and are apparently honest in their belief that a vein of coal would be found by anybody taking the trouble to hunt for it. Â Should this prove true there is wealth in store for the gentlemen who own High mountain, but they will have to seek foreign aid to unearth it , for no native will go within gunshot distance of it since the experiences above related.

Weird N.J.: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Weird N.J. Vol. 2: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Weird NJ Presents FORSAKEN: Abandoned in and Around New Jersey

Casting Out The Devil

New North, 'Rhinelander', Wisconsin - 12 October 1893

Description of the Operation, by a Believer

The possessed woman of [?] is cured now, not by the doctors, who were unable to do anything for her, but by the theological science of the cure of the parish and the firmness of Monsignor [?oux], Bishop of Versailles, which shows that exorcism has its reasons for existence and that “possession” is as real as hysteria. As a matter of fact, the church has never laid down her arms in the presence of the the devils.

There are four principal signs through which the possessed one is recognized. First, no known remedy relieves him; second, he speaks of incidents and facts beyond his natural reach, and which nobody has revealed to him; third, he foretells events and speaks several languages unknown to him before his affliction; fourth, in the presence of a priest and at sacred ceremonies he trembles, suffers pain, writhes and blasphemes.

The Catholic priests and especially the Dominicans have, from away back, practiced exorcism. According to the canons the exorcist belongs to one of the minor orders which precede the priesthood. He must be humble of heart in his ministry, and, if he operated with any thought of display, he risks for himself the contagion of the evil spirits that still remain to be cast out.

Ordinarily the ceremony takes place in the church in the presence of the faithful assembled at prayer, particularly at the feasts of the Nativity, of the Resurrection, of the Ascension, of Pentecost, of the Virgin Mary, and of the Apostles. After the morning mass, to which the possessed one assists, the exorcist puts on the surplice and assists the priest who puts on the violet colored cape, the symbol of the pains of Purgatory. The patient who has confessed then approaches. A stole is passed around his neck to tie the devils that have become the masters of his body. Then the sign of the cross is made upon him and he is sprinkled with the holy water. In Latin, the devil is commanded to tell his name, to say whether or not he is alone, and why he is there. Finally, he is ordered to depart. The conjuration in any other language, and especially in Hebrew, is useless. Hebrew is reserved for Satan himself.

The Flagelllum demonum contains the most complete formulas of exorcism, consisting of well-known prayers mingled with the most ancient and strangest appelations of God, such as Oh, Adonal Tetragrammaton, and others, which come in part from Chaldea, from Phoenicia, and from Greece. The words are supposed to possess in themselves a certain power of evocation of celestial virtues which terrify the infernal legions. The words of Christ, according to Saint Matthew, 1, 2, 3, are the most in use to drive out evil spirits.

If the demon does not retire immediately , the exorcist takes a painted image representing him and throws it into the consecrated fire along with incense [?] and sulphur with strong mystic odor, intending to prove by this act that he will send the evil back into his natural element, hell. This done, he places upon the head of the possessed one the Book, the Relles, the Crucifix, and sometimes even the Host, the last and invincible remedy. According to the authority of certain demonographs, the devil then comes out through the nose of the patient.

In the ancient monasteries they made the exorcist carry upon his person certain amulets containing protective formulas. Sometimes these formulas, written upon pieces of parchment, were swallowed. In the process of digestion he exorcism was accomplished without fatigue

In our days exorcism has taken refuge in La Trappa. The clergy are somewhat averse to it, while at the same time they do not refuse to admit it. The man who breaks the spells is very old. But the devils cast out by the good monks are reduced to the tormenting of animals. Pigs are their favorites. Then the old spell smasher whips them with beads and sprinkles them with holy water, and the pigs recover and become happy, because the devils go away.

J.K. Huysmans has been able to speak of the power of demons and the efficacity of exorcisms. Morever, the emiment writer was well acquainted with one of the most learned demongraphers of his time, the Abbe Bonlian, who ran through hell in his bare feet, and holding the Host in his hands.

Either the Church of Sancipt or the Church of Senneville I received this curious document from M. Gilbert Augustin Thieery, the author of [?] The cure of Petites Dalles, in curing the possessed, says a special mass, called the “red mass” or “mass of the martyrs.” Red flowers are placed upon the altar, and the priest wear a tredle. The church is draped in purple.

But, stranger still, a few years ago the wife of the editor of a leading Catholic journal in Paris, being troubled by evil spirits, witnessed the death of the Dominican priest who was endeavoring to exorcise her, and who was unable to guard himself against the forces with which he was contending. – Paris Figaro

NOTE: I'm fascinated by these early accounts of the supernatural and religion...especially the way it is described in the news. Though I'm not affiliated with a religious denomination, I am very spiritual. I have a keen interest in early religions, practices and particular the Middle Ages. I was raised a Christian and subjected to various denominations through my family members (Amish Mennonites, Lutheranism, German Dunkards, Church of the Brethren). As a result, I feel my perspective on the subject is somewhat heterogeneous...Lon

Exorcism Now: The Ritual, Use, and History of the Roman Ritual

Interview With an Exorcist

Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans

An Exorcist's Field Guide: to Blessings, Consecrations and the Banishment of Malevolant Entities

Contact From Beyond Is Possible

I received the following information from a reader. I am presenting it to you 'as is'...all statements and opinions are those of the writer:

Dear Lon,

I'm a follower of your newsletter and appreciate what you do for us everyday.

I have a few things that might interest you of your readers. I don't know if the things that are going on are coincidence, but it's awfully odd.

Several family members have seen what we figure is a shadow person. It's always seen in my basement right beside the electrical panel. The people who see it, are always afraid of it and they don't really have to be looking at it to know it's there, they can feel it watching them sleep. It seems that the shadow person cannot or does not leave the area, meaning it doesn't roam the basement, and it's doesn't come upstairs. If you would like to hear their accounts, let me know and I'll collect them for you to read. There is a lot of fear around this entity. All of the people who have come in contact with this entity say that it has very unsettling and scary energy.

I personally have seen out of the corner of my eye, something crossing my bedroom doorway, on many occasions. It's seems to be just a flash of a dark shadow that catches my attention, and it seems to go in a right to left direction. I try to ignore it, then it happens again but in the opposite direction. It sound weird for me to say, but it seems like a big dog, either a Doberman or a German Shepard. I'm not afraid of it, per se, but I am unsure of the feelings I'm getting from the situation. While it's happening I feel as if I'm being guarded, yet, as if the big dog doesn't want me to leave the room. Like as if it's guarding me and scaring me to stay in my bedroom. Some nights it happens many times, the feelings and the shadowy glimpses from the corner of my eye.

There's so many things happening here that you're gonna think I'm making this up, but I'm not, all of this is totally real!

We were going to change our patio sliding door because it was starting to get cloudy. We thought there was mold starting to grow inside the thermal layers. Two days after discussing the door replacement and coming to the conclusion that we were going to change it, something weird happened.

At first I thought it was really ridiculous, yet it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I came up my steps into my kitchen and saw the full patio door with the sunlight shining through it. It was white light because the cloudiness in the patio door softened it, made it glow. What I saw stopped me in my tracks and I just stood there for a minute looking at it. Stunned. It was a very clear depiction of a popular savior, Jesus (or at least how he's depicted in most images).

The image was super clear, I could even see his facial features, cloak, and more.

After awhile I decided to show people, and they were always left standing there with their mouths open, saying that it was a trick right and that I probably faked it somehow. The most interesting thing was watching the people's expression go from "what the F" to "oh my God!", and then for some reason, fear settles into their faces.

I decided to video this image and post it on my YouTube, to share with other and see what their opinion was about it. I got a few emails about it, and people are somewhat scared about it. People have warned me to "Be careful", some say its not from God, some say it is from God. One person asked me to pray for them in front of it, I thought that was so beautiful, and I did pray for them.

Personally, I feel a huge attraction to it, especially at sunset or sunrise, it glows with such an emotionally charged, beautiful light. It's stunning and somehow humbling at the same time. It can make you cry on occasion, it's so beautiful.

Now, most people say that it seems to be morphing into the Grimm Reaper, I can see changes, but the changes are strangely still adding to the image. The condensation hasn't destroyed the image after two years. In fact, the image has dries and seems kind of calcified onto the glass on the inside sealed layers. This is real, we have not faked this in any way. It is open for anyone to investigate!

I've included a video link so you can have an idea of what this looks like.

Apparition of Jesus image on inside sealed layers of thermal glass inside patio door:


Something I'm going to let you know right away is that I am adequate at remote viewing, scrying, and I also do regular EVP sessions inside my home. Is obviously something that's very risky and I totally understand that this activity is dangerous. I'm going very slowly with my psychic development, researching everything I do before actually attempting it.

I have had some success with EVP's, and amazing results with my water scrying sessions. Included, is this first photo. In this photo there are four pictures, one was taken using the water scrying method, the other three are actual photos. The woman in the photos (circled in red) is my mother, when she was in her 20's. she died back in 95, after a heart bypass surgery.

The image with the blue X is the one taken with water scrying method. Meaning I used water and emotion to bring about, or call up, the images. Although I didn't have any clue it was going to be my mother. Yet every time I do a session I hope to see her. I was totally in shock when I saw this familiar face pop up in one of my sessions. My mother has been dead for 18 years, I was happy to see this appear.


The next story is also a similar one. I was the mommy to six small breed dogs, last year one of my babies passed away. He was 13 years old, and in really great shape, except he had this weird cough that no vet could diagnose. He couched for about two years straight, yet was always a sweet active little guy.

He died in my arms in the early hours of the night April, 2012. It was a horrible and sad experience for us both. I felt his heart stop and restart about 5 times. Whenever he heard My daughters voice his heart started again. As if he didn't want to leave her. They were best friends and he adored her. His name was Baby.

I did some EVP sessions almost immediately after he died, hoping to get a response,there was none. I continued to do some more EVP's for the weeks following his death. Nothing.

One night I was doing a distance scry session for a client, I was really focused on her issues and seeing if I could bring something about for her, and that was quite successful and meaningful for her. But, all of a sudden something jumped out at me, it was my little dog, Baby!

The upper two photos are my dog and the lower two photos are the scrying images.

I thought your readers would like to have a glimpse into my world of beautiful surprises that have come to me, though remote viewing, scrying and EVP sessions.

I have written to you before but provided no real proof as to what I was claiming, but here you can plainly see that this is awesome. Please post my letter to show others it is possible to contact other dimensions.

Thank you Lon, for all that you do for us,

Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life. Dream Bigger!



Spirit Speak: Knowing and Understanding Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ghosts, Angels, and the Divine

The Book on Mediums: Guide for Mediums and Invocators

An Unusual Cast of Characters, A Guide To Spirits

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Headless Shadow

I recently received the following reader submission:

Hello Lon,

Back before I got married, which was about seven or eight years ago, my dog and I lived by ourselves in a small one bedroom apartment on the second floor of an apartment complex. I stayed up late most nights as I was attending college at that time and had lot of homework to do every night.

I did almost everything on my desktop computer, that sat right beside the inside of my bedroom door. The apartment was extremely tiny and when I looked out the door, I was basically facing another door, the one that led into my linen closet. There was just barely enough walking space between there for me to move around and go to the bathroom.

Well this one evening it was between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. and I was sitting in my usual position typing up an essay paper. For some reason my dog Jace was not in there with me that night and he ALWAYS stayed with me. I figured he was just tired due to the late hour and had went to sleep in the dark living room.

I suddenly began to feel very uneasy and got a cold chill. I had never felt this way before and for whatever reason I glanced up from my typing over to outside my bedroom door. The bedroom light fell from behind me and what I saw made me stop and stare in terror.

On the linen door closet was the figure of a very huge man, totally dark, as if it was his shadow. He was just standing there completely still. What was most unnerving of all was that I noticed he had no head. It was like it had been chopped off or something. His body was totally complete up to the top of his neck, yet I was completely sure he was staring right at me even without a head to be looking at me with.

I was so terrified I could not even call out for Jace, and the dog failed to come to me either. I stood up slowly and moved backward in my room as if I was trying to get away from it. But by this time, it was slowly beginning to fade from view off the door. I was able to find my voice and both fright and anger came out of me. I told it to get out and never come back. I kept saying it over and over and finally Jace came running to my side.

That was when I finally burst into sobbing hysterics and wrapped my arms around my dog and cuddled him for the rest of the night. I have no explanation for it and I have never had any other experience with a shadow person, for which I am grateful!

I do have lasting effects from it, however. Now I experience panic attacks and firmly believe I had my first one that very night when I broke down after the shadow person disappeared. I never had them before, but I firmly believe that thing brought them on me.

Thank you for letting me tell my story. KR

Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us

Shadow People: A Journal of the Paranormal

The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities

She Had No Face...

This narrative was forwarded to me by a friend and details an incident experienced by her sister and niece in July-August 2009. This account was included in my most recent book Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

The following story is true and centers around my daughter Carmen when she was five years old. The poor economy required us to move into an older modest house in western Pennsylvania. From the day we moved in Carmen began to have, what I considered at the time, terrifying nightmares. She would come running into my bedroom in the early morning hours screaming, claiming she had witnessed "something very bad." After a while, I would calm her down and convince her to return to her room. In a month's time the situation was at a point where she totally refused to go back to her own room. So she began to sleep with us...unfortunately, no one was getting any sleep.

One day I asked her to tell me what was really bothering her in her room at night. She told me instantly that an scary woman with no face would come into her room, close the door and stand in front of it so that Carmen couldn't get out. She said the woman had long hair and was dressed in a bloody dress. I thought to myself "where did she get theses ideas from?" So in order to prove to her that there was nothing to be afraid of I agreed to sleep with her in her bed that evening.

That night, after she'd already been asleep for a few hours, I lay awake wondering again how she dreamed up this scary scenario. But what happened next convinced me that something was not right. Suddenly Carmen sat up in bed, out of a dead sleep, and clutching the covers against her she said " scared me! I thought you were the woman!" I hadn't made a sound...but she woke instantly. It seemed like she could sense that something was in the room even though she was sound asleep. I calmed her down and we soon fell asleep together.

Around midnight, I heard what sounded like a gun firing or a large firecracker. It was so loud it seemed to go off in the room. I assumed it was just a dream and my mind playing tricks on me. Carmen was sound asleep, like nothing had I went back asleep. Just as I drifted off, I woke to the sound of something downstairs. I sat up and realized that someone was banging wildly on the front door. I ran down the stairs and looked out onto the front porch from a side window. The light was kept on, but I could see that there was no one on the porch. I went back upstairs and woke my husband to see if he'd heard anything. He looked up at me like I was crazy and said "go back to sleep." What the hell was going on, I thought. I got something to drink, went back to bed and slept through the night without any further disturbance.

The next morning I felt awful. I'm one of those people that needs to get a certain number hours of sleep or I can't function well the next day. At about 10 am, the owner of the house came by with a plumber to work on a leaking pipe. She was wondering how we were getting along, so I briefly told her what had been going on, especially my experiences from the previous night. It sort of spooked me when she started to nervously looked around as I described the incidents. I asked her if there was anything wrong...she said 'no' and said that she was going to check with the plumber. She got up from her chair, walked over to the basement door and started walking down the basement stairs. Now what was that all about? After the plumber finished, he left the house...but the landlady asked if she could talk to me for a minute. She softly said not to be alarmed, but after what I had described to her she needed to tell me what had happened previously in the house. I didn't like this already.

She started by saying that the woman that lived there before us was very strange and had told her numerous stories about odd incidents. She had dismissed these stories to her eccentric behavior and the fact that the woman was known to drink heavily on occasion.

Many years before that, a young woman had rented the house. She had expected her fiance to move in as well but on the very same day she moved in, he called to say that he'd met someone else in another city and that he didn't want to see her again. She attempted to call him back several times, threatening to commit suicide if he left her. Each time he hung up on her. Later that evening, the calls stopped. The fiance became worried and tried to call her but after an hour without success, he called the police. When the police arrived they woke the landlady in order to get a key to get in.

It was around midnight as the police banged feverishly on the front door (the same time I heard banging on our front door). When they got no reaction they let themselves in, only to find the young woman in the room that Carmen now slept in. She lay dead by the door after she had shot herself under the chin. She had used a large caliber handgun and the gunshot had completely disfigured her face. This had to be the loud noise I heard while in Carmen's room. There was a dark stain on the hardwood floor by the door but I never gave it a second thought. I asked the landlady about and she admitted to me that it was blood, and that they had never been able to completely remove it.

I assume it's possible that this young woman had been visiting my child at night. We didn't wait to find out...we moved out shortly after.

Can Fantasy Evolve Into Reality?

On the heels of the Slender Man legend comes the story of 'The Rake', a creepy tale of an unknown being that originally started on a few alternative boards. The narrative eventually reached a larger audience and transformed into a full blown urban legend. Is this allegory have tulpa potential? Well, that remains to be seen...but there have been reports that this creature does exist. The following is the original publication:

The Genesis of 'The Rake'

During the summer of 2003, events in the northeastern United States involving a strange, human-like creature sparked brief local media interest before an apparent blackout was enacted. Little or no information was left intact, as most online and written accounts of the creature were mysteriously destroyed.

Primarily focused in rural New York state, self proclaimed witnesses told stories of their encounters with a creature of unknown origin. Emotions ranged from extremely traumatic levels of fright and discomfort, to an almost childlike sense of playfulness and curiosity. While their published versions are no longer on record, the memories remained powerful. Several of the involved parties began looking for answers that year.

In early 2006, the collaboration had accumulated nearly two dozen documents dating between the 12th century and present day, spanning 4 continents. In almost all cases, the stories were identical. I've been in contact with a member of this group and was able to get some excerpt.

A Suicide Note: 1964

As I prepare to take my life, I feel it necessary to assuage any guilt or pain I have introduced through this act. It is not the fault of anyone other than him. For once I awoke and felt his presence. And once I awoke and saw his form. Once again I awoke and heard his voice, and looked into his eyes. I cannot sleep without fear of what I might next awake to experience. I cannot ever wake. Goodbye.

Found in the same wooden box were two empty envelopes addressed to William and Rose, and one loose personal letter with no envelope.

'Dearest Linnie,

I have prayed for you. He spoke your name.'

A Journal Entry 1880 (translated from Spanish):

I have experience the greatest terror. I have experienced the greatest terror. I have experienced the greatest terror. I see his eyes when I close mine. They are hollow. Black. They saw me and pierced me. His wet hand. I will not sleep. His voice (unintelligible text).

A Mariner's Log: 1691

He came to me in my sleep. From the foot of my bed I felt a sensation. He took everything. We must return to England. We shall not return here again at the request of the Rake.

Witness Account: 2006

Three years ago, I had just returned from a trip from Niagara Falls with my family for the 4th of July. We were all very exhausted after a long day of driving, so my husband and I put the kids right to bed and called it a night.

At about 4am, I woke up thinking my husband had gotten up to use the restroom. I used the moment to steal back the sheets, only to wake him in the process. I appologized and told him I though he got out of bed. When he turned to face me, he gasped and pulled his feet up from the end of the bed so quickly his knee almost knocked me out of the bed. He then grabbed me and said nothing.

After adjusting to the dark for a half second, I was able to see what caused the strange reaction. At the foot of the bed, sitting and facing away from us, there was what appeared to be a naked man, or a large hairless dog of some sort. It's body position was disturbing and unnatural, as if it had been hit by a car or something. For some reason, I was not instantly frightened by it, but more concerned as to its condition. At this point I was somewhat under the assumption that we were supposed to help him.

My husband was peering over his arm and knee, tucked into the fetal position, occasionally glancing at me before returning to the creature.

In a flurry of motion, the creature scrambled around the side of the bed, and then crawled quickly in a flailing sort of motion right along the bed until it was less than a foot from my husband's face. The creature was completely silent for about 30 seconds (or probably closer to 5, it just seemed like a while) just looking at my husband. The creature then placed its hand on his knee and ran into the hallway, leading to the kids' rooms.

I screamed and ran for the lightswitch, planning to stop him before he hurt my children. When I got to the hallway, the light from the bedroom was enough to see it crouching and hunched over about 20 feet away. He turned around and looked directly at me, covered in blood. I flipped the switch on the wall and saw my daughter Clara.

The creature ran down the stairs while my husband and I rushed to help our daughter. She was very badly injured and spoke only once more in her short life. She said "he is the Rake".

My husband drove his car into a lake that night, while rushing our daughter to the hospital. He did not survive.

Being a small town, news got around pretty quickly. The police were helpful at first, and the local newspaper took a lot of interest as well. However, the story was never published and the local television news never followed up either.

For several months, my son Justin and I stayed in a hotel near my parent's house. After we decided to return home, I began looking for answers myself. I eventually located a man in the next town over who had a similar story. We got in contact and began talking about our experiences. He knew of two other people in New York who had seen the creature we now referred to as the Rake.

It took the four of us about two solid years of hunting on the internet and writing letters to come up with a small collection of what we believe to be accounts of the Rake. None of them gave any details, history or follow up. One journal had an entry involving the creature in its first 3 pages, and never mentioned it again. A ship's log explained nothing of the encounter, saying only that they were told to leave by the Rake. That was the last entry in the log.

There were, however, many instances where the creature's visit was one of a series of visits with the same person. Multiple people also mentioned being spoken to, my daughter included. This led us to wonder if the Rake had visited any of us before our last encounter.

I set up a digital recorder near my bed and left it running all night, every night, for two weeks. I would tediously scan through the sounds of me rolling around in my bed each day when I woke up. By the end of the second week, I was quite used to the occasional sound of sleep while blurring through the recording at 8 times the normal speed. (This still took almost an hour every day)

On the first day of the third week, I thought I heard something different. What I found was a shrill voice. It was the Rake. I can't listen to it long enough to even begin to transcribe it. I haven't let anyone listen to it yet. All I know is that I've heard it before, and I now believe that it spoke when it was sitting in front of my husband. I don't remember hearing anything at the time, but for some reason, the voice on the recorder immediately brings me back to that moment.

The thoughts that must have gone through my daughter's head make me very upset.

I have not seen the Rake since he ruined my life, but I know that he has been in my room while I slept. I know and fear that one night I'll wake up to see him staring at me.

NOTE: Could this be a real entity? There are descriptions of similar creatures throughout the ages. For example, Stephen King's novel It where an entity's various manifestations are given form and power by the belief of the townspeople or The Mothman Prophecies where John A. Keel alludes to several ghost and UFO sightings as likely being tulpas. I personally feel that thought-form manifestations may clarify and possibly explain certain phenomena...Lon

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Black Eyed Woman?

The following report was found on the MUFON CMS:

Harrisburg, PA - 8/15/2014: I was a waiting customer in line at Pep Boys Auto shop, just looking around. A small, woman entered and she appeared oddly dressed; she looked to be in her 70s-early 80s, at first because of her rather messy gray hair, which fell about to the chin line. She was about 4-5 ft. tall and wore very short, baggy unironed shorts and a baggy unironed blouse. She had very thin legs and arms, greyish, pinkish skin. She did not have the characteristics of progeria disease. Her face seemed normal.

My name was called and I turned by attention to business at hand and went to sit in the adjacent waiting room. I had been seated there about 15 minutes, when this same woman came to the all glass door and tried to pull it open; she could not pull it open with one hand since her other hand was holding a small book and drink. I started to get up (walk across the room) to help open the door, but someone sitting beside the door opened it for her. She then sat down at a right degree angle to me (she at the 90 degrees and me sitting at 180 degrees), about 4 feet away from me. I was curious about her since she seemed so strangely dressed. I looked directly at her eyes, and her eyes met mine, and it was then that I noticed she had NO white eyeballs; her eyes were completely black! I was startled and I must have looked so, because she got up instantly and walked out of the waiting room. I followed behind her about 20 seconds later, but saw her no more after looking around a bit. She may have been wearing a wig, she may have had a different kind of contact lens in her eyes, but something about her just seemed strange. I have been wondering whether she was a hybrid. I also wonder whether anyone else has had an experience similar to this.

I reported this incident to my State Director of Investigations in MUFON and he suggested I enter this report. I do so with hesitation because it sounds so bizarre, but I am a MUFON Field Investigator. (Some of my answers on this report really don't apply to this incident, so I answered because I could not submit this report unless I answered the questions - somehow.) - MUFON CMS

Black Eyed Woman?

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