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Gifts From The Anunnaki

Before I venture into the subject of the narrative let me state that I have never been in favor of the United State's 2003 invasion of Iraq. According to U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the coalition mission was "to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people." From the beginning I recognized that this was an excuse...there had to be another reason for this assault. In 2005, the Central Intelligence Agency released a report saying that no weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq. That statement alone set my radar abuzz. What have they actually been looking for?

For many years since the invasion there have been rumors about Saddam Hussein's scientific and military 'underground', especially when the subject of hidden weapons was raised. Saddam Hussein desired a 'super weapon' and would do anything in his power to obtain one. In the 1980's, Iraq engaged world-renowned artillery expert Gerald V. Bull to construct the "Supergun / PC-2", a huge howitzer able to fire satellites into space or launch artillery shells thousands of miles into enemy territory. The endeavor was called 'Project Babylon'. On March 22, 1990, Bull was assassinated, allegedly by several western intelligence agencies, terminating development, and the parts were confiscated by British customs after the Gulf War.


Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD in government from the University of Queensland and William Henry conclude the U.S. and German governments believe there is a 'Stargate' (portal to another world) in Iraq, a country also known as Ancient Mesopotamia, the land of Babylonia and the Cradle of Civilization.

They stated that the strongest available evidence comes from the work of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin translated the cuneiform tablets recording the beliefs and activities of the ancient Sumerians whose civilization began almost overnight in 3800 BC. The Sumerians had detailed knowledge of all the planets in the solar system, understood the precession of the equinoxes, and also had an understanding of complex medical procedures.

Salla believes that the U.S., Russia, Germany and France have been aware that the Anunnaki left behind some very high-tech apparatus, and possibly weaponry, when they abandoned the Earth around 1,700 B.C. Salla also contends that Saddam Hussein had been getting assistance from Russian, German and French archaeological teams for years in an attempt to unravel, and perhaps reverse-engineer, this apparatus. Salla claims it is probably far in advance of any technology we might have obtained from the Grays from Zeta Reticuli and which is supposedly warehoused at Area 51 in Nevada.

Saddam Hussein wanted to cement his place in history by reviving the grandeur of early Mesopotamian civilizations because he was allegedly aware of the existence of a Stargate. Prior to the US invasion, Hussein performed a detailed underground mapping of the area around the Sumerian city of Uruk and had given permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the most likely location of the Sumerian Stargate. This is consistent with the German government’s public opposition to the invasion of Iraq. If there is a Stargate in Southern Iraq, then the Bush Administration was aware the Stargate would play a role in a “prophesied return of the gods.”


On Thursday, December 16, 1998, during Operation Desert Fox, the Allied air strike against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and moving away to avoid a stream of tracer anti-aircraft fire. At the time, it was thought to be just another UFO sighting, although captured on videotape. Many ufologists think there might have been more to this incident.

According to ufologist Ignatius Graffeo, "I did see a triangular formation of lights moving very slowly at about" 12:55 a.m. Baghdad time that Thursday "on an NBC news report of the bombing...The light was steady, and it was definite and very striking." He described it as "a V-shaped formation like the one at Phoenix," Arizona on March 13, 1997.

The UFO "was against a black night sky and very different from the 'greenish' tracer fire moving across the sky, which did not hold their position for any length of time."

On December 6, 2002, a caller into the Art Bell (radio) show, who claimed to have a connection to the military, said a UFO crashed in Iraq in recent years. The caller also stated that the U.S. is searching for any public pretext to invade Iraq, but its greatest fear is that Saddam will reverse-engineer the crashed alien spacecraft. "The craft allegedly crashed during the Gulf War (1990-1991) or more recently (possibly December 1998). This will be Iraq's Roswell. The U.S. is currently reverse-engineering the Roswell craft and fears Saddam's scientists will catch up with or even go beyond the U.S. in one or more areas. These areas of research include zero point, over-ratio or gravimetric technology, which would allow for a tremendous advance, allowing Iraq to become a leading power."

During a recent guest appearance on 'Beyond The Edge' Radio, author / UFO & military historian Mack Maloney made a similar statement about an alien craft being shot down by U.S. pilots and that the wreckage was retrieved by the Iraqis.

Ukrainian psychic Lenura A. Azizova claimed that Saddam Hussein first met an extraterrestrial in 1989, when a cylindrical UFO crashed in the mountains southeast of Kirkuk.

"In 1989, in the mountainous region several dozen kilometers east or southeast of Kirkuk, was the UFO crash that was soon cordoned off by Saddam's military," Azizova said, following a series of remote-viewing sessions in her own country. "The craft was seized, evaluated and kept hidden in great secrecy. The crash of this alien spacecraft made a long trench in the ground. The vehicle was shaped like a cylinder, or more precisely, like a bullet, 12 meters (40 feet) long and 2.4 meters (8 feet) in diameter, silver in color."

"The body of one dead alien was found inside," she added, "The alien was Asian-looking, about 1.5 meters (5 feet) in height, with a big head, big eyes and four- fingered hands. The second member of the crew left the capsule through the opening at the back part of the craft. A few days afterward, Iraqi soldiers in the nearby mountains" north of Taqtaq "caught this second alien. The entity was obviously frightened and gave off squeaking noises."

"Saddam was afraid that other aliens would arrive to save the crew, so the recovery was made very quickly," she stated. "The Iraqi army transported the craft in top secrecy at night to Irbil province, where the special underground tunnel with hangars was constructed to hide and study the spacecraft. Natural caves existing in the region were used for this purpose. The body of the (dead alien) pilot was also stored there in a special cryogenic container."

The underground facility is "located in the mountains southeast of Irbil, approximately somewhere between Girdasur and Mirza Agha."

An Iraqi correspondent Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat stated before the invasion, "there are talks about extraterrestrials in Iraq, but nothing is said about any crash. It is rumored at a market in Sulaimaniya, to the south of Zarzi, that aliens are Saddam's guests. Where do they stay then? People mention some underground base. But Saddam has a palace in this valley, an old stronghold Qalaat-e-Julundi. Earlier it belonged to the royal family. After the revolution, the government took possession of the fortress, and now, like every palace in Iraq it is "a summer residence" of Saddam Hussein. The fortress is mentioned here for a very simple reason: it is practically impossible to penetrate into it. The citadel stands on a hill surrounded with vertical precipices on three sides; the precipices plunge down to the Little Zab river. It is said that Saddam lets aliens stay there."

An Iraqi UFO reporter Mohammed Hajj al-Amdar said on the basis of strange stories coming out of that valley: "Saddam gave the aliens sanctuary, so that they couldn't be captured by Americans. Nobody can reach the citadel Qalaat-e-Julundi at night. They say that the aliens created "watchdogs" for Saddam. The aliens took ordinary desert scorpions and used their bio-engineering to grow the scorpions to giant size. Scorpions of a cow-size! They are wonderful watchdogs: they blend in with the desert, swiftly and silently move on their warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack. Luckless intruders hear just some strange sound from behind stones, then a pincer crushes their necks, another pincer crushes their legs; then the victims is slammed to the ground and beaten with a barbed tail six or seven times. Death comes almost immediately."

UFO Roundup Editor Joseph Trainor came to a conclusion that something strange is actually happening in the valley of the Little Zab river, but it is not clear what exactly. It is not ruled out that Saddam intentionally spreads these rumors so that to scare people away from some important military object located in the old fortress of Qalaat-e-Julundi.

Several years earlier, on June 20, 1993, information was published on FIDOnet's MUFONET BBS NETWORK, what was a letter from 'Steve from Britain'. He openly warned: "The following information was published in Amateur Radio Packet BBS on June 13 by some short-wave transmitter for spreading all over the world. I know nothing about the man who published the information, I also cannot say whether his information is true. The man reported that some aircraft was found after it was brought down by F-16 over Saudi Arabia during raids in Baghdad."

The information itself said: "A high-ranking source admitted that US Air Force's F-16 brought down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during the Operation Desert Storm, and five countries are trying to conceal information about this fact. I don't know details, but it was some plane unknown to me. Saudis who were with me at that moment, were scared so much that they asked American, British and French investigators to come to the crash site immediately."

Colonel Gregor Petrokov, a senior Russian official said that at that moment he was on a visit to Er Riyadh, where together with a Russian group he managed to examine the crashed aircraft before American troops participating in Desert Storm came to the crash site. He said: "The aircraft was round and made of some material that I never saw myself. About one third of the craft was torn out by blasts of American missiles. Saudis didn't let us touch anything, but we managed to see appliances, mechanisms and other things that bewildered us absolutely." Inscriptions on the control panel and on the scales were in some unknown language.

"It was a relatively small craft, of approximately 15 feet in diameter. It had three chairs, probably for crew members, but they were so small as if meant for children. To all appearance, space aliens were just about three feet tall. However, it seems incredible that there were no dead bodies at the crash site; what is more, nothing that might look like an engine was found there as well. Probably American missiles hit the engine immediately and destroyed it. Later, operators of Saudi radar stations told me that no ejection or falling of some subjects out of the craft was registered. Searching helicopters surveyed the desert, but the pilots failed to find any surviving crew member close to the crash site."

At the radar station Petrokov learned that the target identified as a UFO emerged "from nowhere" when four F-16 headed for Baghdad. One of the American planes broke the line and directed toward the UFO. The alien craft started moving south-west, away from the American plane, and the latter pursued it. When the F-16 was three miles away from the object, the craft fired at it but missed. Then the American plane fired a missile at the UFO. A horrifying sound followed and the spacecraft dropped on the ground. Petrokov says that when American investigators came to the crash site, he and his people were ordered to leave the area for Er Riyadh. The colonel says, it is highly likely that Americans didn't want others see some other things that were in the crash site in addition to the round shape of the craft made of some unknown material and the fact that no aliens survived after the crash.

In Petrokov's words, people from his team managed to take pictures of the site, and neither Saudis nor Americans noticed it. But the next day the team was ordered to bring the pictures to Russian authorities. "American military engineers gathered all wreckage and removed them for further study in the USA."

So...did the U.S. and it's allies invade Iraq to disarm it of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, to free the Iraqi people and to secure the oil fields? Or was the mission designed to capture alien technology before Saddam Hussein had the ability to use it?

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Faceless Phantom

This anecdote was forwarded to me by a friend and details an incident experienced by her sister and niece in July-August 2009:

The following story is true and centers around my daughter Carmen when she was five years old. The poor economy required us to move into an older modest house in western Pennsylvania. From the day we moved in Carmen began to have, what I considered at the time, terrifying nightmares. She would come running into my bedroom in the early morning hours screaming, claiming she had witnessed "something very bad." After a while, I would calm her down and convince her to return to her room. In a month's time the situation was at a point where she totally refused to go back to her own room. So she began to sleep with us...unfortunately, no one was getting any sleep.

One day I asked her to tell me what was really bothering her in her room at night. She told me instantly that an scary woman with no face would come into her room, close the door and stand in front of it so that Carmen couldn't get out. She said the woman had long hair and was dressed in a bloody dress. I thought to myself "where did she get theses ideas from?" So in order to prove to her that there was nothing to be afraid of I agreed to sleep with her in her bed that evening.

That night, after she'd already been asleep for a few hours, I lay awake wondering again how she dreamed up this scary scenario. But what happened next convinced me that something was not right. Suddenly Carmen sat up in bed, out of a dead sleep, and clutching the covers against her she said " scared me! I thought you were the woman!" I hadn't made a sound...but she woke instantly. It seemed like she could sense that something was in the room even though she was sound asleep. I calmed her down and we soon fell asleep together.

Around midnight, I heard what sounded like a gun firing or a large firecracker. It was so loud it seemed to go off in the room. I assumed it was just a dream and my mind playing tricks on me. Carmen was sound asleep, like nothing had I went back asleep. Just as I drifted off, I woke to the sound of something downstairs. I sat up and realized that someone was banging wildly on the front door. I ran down the stairs and looked out onto the front porch from a side window. The light was kept on, but I could see that there was no one on the porch. I went back upstairs and woke my husband to see if he'd heard anything. He looked up at me like I was crazy and said "go back to sleep." What the hell was going on, I thought. I got something to drink, went back to bed and slept through the night without any further disturbance.

The next morning I felt awful. I'm one of those people that needs to get a certain number hours of sleep or I can't function well the next day. At about 10 am, the owner of the house came by with a plumber to work on a leaking pipe. She was wondering how we were getting along, so I briefly told her what had been going on, especially my experiences from the previous night. It sort of spooked me when she started to nervously looked around as I described the incidents. I asked her if there was anything wrong...she said 'no' and said that she was going to check with the plumber. She got up from her chair, walked over to the basement door and started walking down the basement stairs. Now what was that all about? After the plumber finished, he left the house...but the landlady asked if she could talk to me for a minute. She softly said not to be alarmed, but after what I had described to her she needed to tell me what had happened previously in the house. I didn't like this already.

She started by saying that the woman that lived there before us was very strange and had told her numerous stories about odd incidents. She had dismissed these stories to her eccentric behavior and the fact that the woman was known to drink heavily on occasion.

Many years before that, a young woman had rented the house. She had expected her fiance to move in as well but on the very same day she moved in, he called to say that he'd met someone else in another city and that he didn't want to see her again. She attempted to call him back several times, threatening to commit suicide if he left her. Each time he hung up on her. Later that evening, the calls stopped. The fiance became worried and tried to call her but after an hour without success, he called the police. When the police arrived they woke the landlady in order to get a key to get in.

It was around midnight as the police banged feverishly on the front door (the same time I heard banging on our front door). When they got no reaction they let themselves in, only to find the young woman in the room that Carmen now slept in. She lay dead by the door after she had shot herself under the chin. She had used a large caliber handgun and the gunshot had completely disfigured her face. This had to be the loud noise I heard while in Carmen's room. There was a dark stain on the hardwood floor by the door but I never gave it a second thought. I asked the landlady about and she admitted to me that it was blood, and that they had never been able to completely remove it.

I assume it's possible that this young woman had been visiting my child the night. We didn't wait to find out...we moved out shortly after. RR

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An American 'Clurichaun' Tale

I received an email inquiry from a reader several years ago:

Hi - I was wondering if you had ever had or heard of a leprechaun or fairy experience in America? Susan

Well, I have written about and reported a few fairy-like being encounters over the years...including a leprechaun or two. There are also legends of the 'Tommyknockers' in mining areas worked by Irish immigrants throughout North America. After I received the inquiry I looked back through my files, including a few journals I had kept from the 1970's. I did manage to find an odd anecdote that was told to me by a friend-of-a-friend in 1976 while in Philadelphia.

From what I gathered an ancestor by the name of Finn, who lived in colonel Philadelphia, had a bit of trouble keeping port wine on hand. It seemed that each morning he noticed that the level of a barrel he kept in the cellar got lower. In fact it had gotten to a point where he thought his wife was taking a dipper full each night while he slept...though he had never known her to have a taste for the stuff.

One day while working at the dock he asked his friend Donal what he thought about the situation. Donal looked back at Finn and laughed..."His Nibs is sampling your stock." Finn had no idea what Donal was referring to. "His Nibs...a clurichaun is stealing your spirits."

Honestly, when I heard the story I had no idea what a clurichaun was. Apparently, it is an Irish fairy which resembles the leprechaun. Some describe the clurichaun as a night 'form' of the leprechaun, who goes out to drink after finishing his daily chores. Clurichauns are said to favor drunkenness more than not. However, unlike their cousins, they are surly. If you treat them well they will protect your wine cellar, however, if mistreated, they will wreak havoc on a home and spoil the wine stock. Occasionally he can be heard singing Irish folk songs in the wine cellars. The clurichaun is great to have around the house because he also protects your home from vandals and thieves. They are also referred to as 'clobhairs' and 'His Nibs.'

According to Donal, if Finn wanted to see the clurichaun, leave a cup of wine on the night can't resist an offer of drink. Donal warned "don't scare it away. There will be dire consequences if you do."

That night, Finn left a full cup of wine on his night stand hoping to catch a glimpse of the imp. A little bit after midnight Finn heard the floor boards creaking. As he slowly opened his eyes, he gazed upon a small 3 ft. man wearing a red hat made of plant leaves and a red wool vest. It resembled a leprechauns in all it's physical characteristics. As he watched the clurichaun reach for the cup a horrific scream shot from behind him. His wife also caught glimpse of the small being and reacted instinctively. The clurichaun dropped the cup on the floor and dashed out of the room. Flinn thought "what now?"

Flinn tried to lure the clurichaun back and to its good graces with several offers of wine, but was never successful. It is said that Flinn could never keep fresh wine always turned to vinegar as soon as it was brought into the house.

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