Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to transcend into an altered state of connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.

I have begun on this path in order to use universal healing energy to benefit myself and others.

I will be adding my experiences to this page as I move towards a gateway to non-ordinary reality. Lon



In the past few days, since I posted that I was on this path of enlightenment, I have been asked about shamanism and my reasons for grasping its concepts.

First of all, a shaman uses their ability to see 'with the strong eye' or 'with the heart' in order to travel into hidden realms. They interact directly with ethereal beings to address the spiritual condition of illness and perform soul retrievals, retrieve lost power, as well as remove blockages. The shaman also divines information for the community. Shamans have and still act as healers, doctors, priests and priestesses, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers.

I wish to concentrate on healing & interpretation of the physical and subjective condition. As time goes on and when I feel I'm ready, I will most likely move on to other aspects of this form of divination. Lon



My most recent journey into the Lower World verified my 'Power Animal.' The identity will remain confidential for the time being.

My journeys tend to fade quickly from my conscious awareness...similar to dreams. I have been told that in some cases, journey experiences will be clear and easy to understand. At other times, it may be dreamlike and include symbolism. I don't want to over analyze my journeys because I believe the meanings will become more clear at a later time.

These interpretations will likely develop my shamanic skill and knowledge. I need to be on the lookout for conformity, producing effects beyond the bounds of coincidence.



I recently ventured into the Upper World through use of my Guardian Angel. It was an amazing I broke through the celestial veil into the Upper World realm.

There are many levels in this independent I was told, I will learn different concepts at each level as I continue to journey and move through.



I have conducted 3 more sessions and journeys to the Lower World...each time I have gathered a bit more insight from my Power Animal. I will continue to journey and post a record of my experiences.



I have been journeying on a regular basis...between the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. I have also incorporated my knowledge of crystals and stones into my sessions. My journeys into the Lower World have been enhanced with the use of Larvikite.

Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It is said to allow us to see the past, including past lives, and to travel psychically through the dimensions. It has a strong connection with Earth energies and is therefore very useful for those wishing to connect with the nature spirits. Larvikite helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self. It is also known as 'Norwegian Moonstone' and a 'Stone of the Faeries.' I can use it in combination with other high energy stones when moving into other realms.



The Great Horned Owl has been determined as my Power Animal (or Animal Spirit Guide). The owl was called the Night Eagle by Native Americans. Most of them believed the owl was a bird of sorcerers. However, the Cherokees held sacred both the owl and cougar for their ability to see in the dark. They said the owl brought messages at night through dreams. This creature was Chief of the Night to the Pawnees, who said it gave protection.

The owl's magickal attributes include silent and swift movement; keen sight into obscure events; unmasking those who would deceive you. In meditation, often a guide to and from the Lower World. Wisdom, magick, darkness, freedom. Dreams, shape-shifting. Clairvoyance, astral projection, magick. A messenger of hidden truth, secrets, and omens. Wisdom to make positive changes.

I will be going deeper into Owl Medicine as I experience further journeys.



Since my Power Animal has been established, I decided to list many references to the Owl by Native People:

In Native America, the owl is prevalently associated with death and spirits, though each tribe had a different relationship with the animal. Many saw owls as spirits of the recent dead. Other tribes saw them as underworld messengers who shepherded spirits to the world that comes after death. They are spirit protectors.

Many tribes referred to owls as Night Eagles.

Some tribes saw owls as healers and would hang feathers in the doorway of a home to keep illness out.

The Lenni Lenape (New Jersey) said that an owl shown in a dream would become the guardian of the dreamer.

The Hopi (Arizona) believed the Burrowing Owl was the manifestation of their god of the dead, who was guardian of fire and caretaker for all things underground, including seed germination. Their name for the owl is Ko’ko, meaning “Watcher of the Dark.”

The Hopi believed that Great Horned Owls helped their peaches to grow.

The Mojave (Arizona) believed that in death, everyone became an owl for a short time, then reincarnating as a beetle, until finally becoming pure air.

The Navajo (Arizona/New Mexico/Utah) believe that the owl is the messenger guide of the other world and other earth-bound spirits.

The Zuni (New Mexico) placed owl feathers in babies’ cribs to keep evil spirits away from the infant.

The Newuks (California) believed that brave and virtuous men and women became Great Horned Owls after their death. Those who were wicked of heart became Barn Owls.

Tribes living in the Sierras (California/Nevada) believed Great Horned Owls would snatch the souls of the dead and transport them to their underworld.

The Cree (Northwest US/Canada) thought that the whistle of the Boreal Owl was a doorway to spirit world. If the person whistled back, and did not hear a response from the owl, it meant they would soon die.

The Spedis Owl is a petroglyph found on a rock face at The Dalles, the end of the Oregon Trail along the Columbus River between Washington and Oregon. Figures of this same owl have been found in a wide area in that region, but are focally located on there. Legend says the petroglyph was placed on the rock to protect people from the “water devils” that could pull them under.

The Dalles was the rough edge of the Northwest Coast area of native people. The Kwagiulth/ Kwakiutl (Vancouver Island, BC) believed that owls were manifestations of people’s souls. They would not harm owls, for if the owl died, so would the person who the soul belonged to.

The Tlingit (Pacific Northwest) thought warriors that heard an owl were receiving a message of coming victory in battle.

The Inuit (Alaska) have a story that tells of Snowy Owl and Raven making new clothes for each other. Raven made a dress of black and white feather for Owl. Owl made Raven a white dress. But Raven grew so excited when Owl was fitting the dress that she couldn’t sit still. Owl was angry and threw oil lamp at Raven, which soaked through the white dress, turning it black.

Most cultures worldwide have an association with Owls, so I really don't know what my inclination will be...but for the moment, I'm basing much of the American Natives customs into my journeying.



UPDATE: Understanding Your Journey

I have been journeying for almost 3 months and I can report that it has given me a better sense of my daily life. My regular routine is easier to get through and less exhausting. My research work has also benefited from the use of shamanic journeying. I do realize that I have a long way to go...especially if I want to incorporate remote healing and shamanic skills.

If you are interested in shamanic journeying, it would be advisable to record your journey in a journal as soon as you have returned to ordinary reality. The experiences tend to fade quickly from conscious awareness. Keeping a journal provides a record of your spiritual growth and allows you to reflect upon and better interpret journeys. In some cases, your journey experiences will be clear and easy to understand. At other times, your journey may be dreamlike and full of symbolism. Interpret such journeys as you would any dream. Look for possible associations related to each symbol or image. Don't overanalyze the journey, for its meaning will become clear at the appropriate time.

Not every journey you undertake will necessarily be coherent, vivid, or powerful. Still, no matter how esoteric or random the experience may seem, it augments your shamanic skill and knowledge. Seemingly insignificant events in a journey or vision may manifest in a powerful way in your ordinary state of awareness. Be on the lookout for synchronicities, for they confirm that your shamanic work is producing effects beyond the bounds of probability or coincidence.

Like developing any skill, journeying takes practice. Nothing may happen on your first journeys. You may only experience darkness. When this happens, simply try again at a different time.

I have also started using Rosemary Ellen Guiley's Dreamwork for Visionary Living, a practical guide to pro-active dreaming. Rosemary has gathered techniques and wisdom from ancient times to the present, giving special emphasis to dreams that transcend ordinary reality and address our biggest spiritual questions: who we are, why we are here, where we are going, and what life’s journey means.

The book features 37 innovative dream labs, easy and practical ways to apply pro-active dreaming to any aspect of daily and spiritual life. I found the concepts very easy to follow and comprehend...and intrigued by the narratives added with the dream labs.

Some of the more fascinating chapters, in my opinion, dealt with healing, psychic dreaming, using dreams in the spiritual realm and out-of-body dreaming. I soon developed a divergent perception of ordinary daily routines. This has improved my focus while conducting research and writing. There are other techniques in this guide that I plan to implement into my life, especially the intriguing use of dreams for healing.



During the past 6 months, my life has been turned inside out because of my wife's cancer diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy. It has not been easy for our family, but we have endured so far. Because of my spiritual beliefs, I have overcome the feeling of shame when asking others for support. I feel that I have unconditionally given myself to others over the years, so reaching out should not hold any stigma for me and my family.

Shamanic journeying and my astral spirits & guides have helped me through the uncertainty.